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lucky ball roulette live

Lucky Ball Roulette Video Review

playtech lucky ball roulette live video review

Playtech Lucky Ball Roulette – Fruity Side Bet Explained

Let’s explain how the Fruity Bet Side Bet works in Lucky Ball Roulette.

The Fruity Bet is optional, which you can play alongside the regular roulette bets. The side bet wins when the roulette ball lands in a numbered pocket on the roulette wheel designated as a lucky number.

There are five lucky numbers every game round, consisting of a number and its two neighbours, so a section of five numbers. These change every game round, with a new selection of neighbours picked before betting time closes.

A purple slot icon on the betting grid identifies the five lucky ball numbers.

When the betting time has closed, the camera switches to view a three-reel slot machine, which is spun to reveal the multipliers that will be the payout for a lucky ball win.

Three identical symbols must land on the pay line to generate the multiplier. There are five symbols, with the payout determined by which of the symbols completes a winning line.

  1. Three Cherries pays 3x.
  2. Three Melons pay 5x.
  3. Three Bars pay 20x.
  4. Three Bells pay 50x.
  5. Three Sevens pays 100x.

If you want to play the optional Fruity Bet, you’ll find it at the top of the betting grid above the Zero section.

fruity slot

How To Play Lucky Ball Roulette

Lucky Ball Roulette is like any regular game of European Roulette.

This version has a single zero European roulette wheel mounted on a plinth in the centre of a studio specially built for the game.

The studio is reminiscent of a downtown bar, with its exposed brick walls. It’s part of a larger studio area shared with Mega Fire Lucky Ball.

The presenter is responsible for spinning the manual wheel and firing the ball around the edge. The design includes an image of the London skyline encircling the central turret.

Betting Time

The game starts with 20 seconds of betting time.

The five Fruity Bet Lucky numbers are chosen and highlighted on the betting grid using the Purple slot icon during this period.

You can now place your bets on the betting grid and the optional Lucky Ball Side Bet spot.

When the Betting time has closed, the presenter moves across to the Three-wheel slot to generate the multiplier payout value for the Fruity Bet.

lucky ball roulette betting time

The Wheel is Spun

The presenter spins the wheel and flicks the ball into the rim when Betting time has closed.

We watch as the ball spins around the circumference until it slows down enough to drop into the wheel, where we see the ball skip about until it comes to rest in one of the numbered pockets.

The result is displayed on the screen.

If the result happens to be one of the lucky ball numbers, players playing the Fruity Bet receive their winnings. Everyone else receives the standard roulette payouts if they have correctly predicted the outcome using one of the many betting options for Roulette.

Betting on Lucky Ball Roulette

The objective of Roulette is to predict the numbered pocket the ball will land in when the wheel has stopped spinning.

There are thirty-seven pockets numbered 0 to 36.

The Zero is coloured green, while the Odd numbers are coloured Red and the Even numbers Black.

To make betting straightforward, there are several preconfigured bets you can use. They are grouped into two types.

  1. Outside Bets – These bets have a higher chance of winning and cover a lot of numbers in one bet. Bets include Odd/Even, Red/Black, Low 1 – 18 & High -19-36, Dozens and Columns – each containing 12 numbers.
  2. Inside Bets – These bets are less likely to occur as they cover between one and six numbers, but they have a better payout than Outside Bets. Examples include Straight-up numbers Split across two numbers, A line of three numbers, a Corner covering four numbers and six lines or a Double Street covering six numbers.

In addition, preconfigured bets cover sections of the wheel with Straight-up and Split bets and complicated bets covering particular betting patterns and complete number sets.

You can use the betting grid to place inside and outside bets directly.

The racetrack is often used for placing section bets and neighbour bets, where you pick one number and numbers on either side of it.

The great thing about Roulette is the ability to place multiple bets on the betting ride, using both Inside and Outside bets to maximum effect.

Inside Bets Payouts

BetsOther NamesPayoutProbability
Single NumberStraight, Straight-Up35:12.70%
2 NumbersSplit17-15.41%
3 NumbersStreet, Line, Basket*11-18.11%
4 NumbersCorner, Square8:110.81%
6 Numbers6 Line, Double Street5-116.22%

Outside Bets Payouts

BetOther NamesPayoutProbability
1st 12 (Dozen)2-132.43%
2nd 12 (Dozen)2-132.43%
3rd 12 (Dozen)2-132.43%
RedColour Bet1-148.65%
BlackColour Bet1-148.65%

Lucky Ball Roulette Strategy and Betting Tips

There are two aspects to Lucky Ball Roulette:

  1. The Fruity Bet
  2. The game of Roulette.

You can play both bets or only one; the choice is entirely up to you.

The Fruity Bet Strategy

The Fruity Bet has five chances of winning each game – there are five fruity numbers each. The probability of winning is about 1 in every eight spins (7.69) or 13%.

The minimum payout is 3x, and the max is 100x, so you can see how this bet favours the house. The published RTP for the Fruity Bet is 95.29%. This is not a bet that gives good long-term returns to players.

So you either:

  • accept you’ll lose in the long term and play the bet every game for a bit of fun,
  • play the Fruity Bet occasionally and hope to win,
  • or the most sensible option, if you want to return a profit playing roulette, is not to play the Fruity Bet at all.

Lucky Ball Roulette Strategy

I talk a lot about roulette strategies in my articles and reviews. While there are specific ways of playing some roulette games, especially the ones with multipliers, there is no one strategy that guarantees you’ll win playing European Roulette. If there were, we’d all be millionaires!

The most sensible strategies are ones that manage your bankroll the best and give you some return each spin. To achieve that, you need to have a varied set of bets, some Inside and Outside Bets – so if one type loses, the other has a better chance of winning – which offsets your losses.

I’m not a high roller, and when it comes to Roulette, I don’t like to make the game highly volatile, so I don’t place many Straight-up bets, and I don’t make Complete number bets.

I play section bets and some outside bets, depending on how I’m feeling and how the short-term stats of the game are going.

We know over the long term, the statistics of roulette level out, so I like to look for times when the game’s variance is against the long-term statistical return. That helps me decide what type of bets to place.

But remember, each new game is a unique event; with no reference to past games and results, you still have the same chance of winning or losing as the previous and next spin.

Where can you Play Live Lucky Ball Roulette?


Playojo has a massive selection of live dealer games and carries all Playtech Live games.

The best way to find Lucky Ball Roulette is to open any Playtech live casino game, go to the lobby, find the roulette games, and locate Lucky Ball Roulette in the list.

Regular promotions give you cash back on losses, a great feature when playing live casino games.

Is Lucky Ball Roulette Fair?

Lucky Ball Roulette Live is a Live Dealer game, with the addition of the Fruity Side Bet, controlled through a random number generator (RNG).

All other aspects of the game are live, physical and tangible.

The RNG engine is responsible for picking the Multiplier for the Fruity Bet and five random numbers, which, if landed on during the main roulette game, trigger a win for the Fruity Bet.

The published RTP for the Fruity Bet is 95.29%, so it offers a poor return, meaning in the long term, you’ll lose playing this side bet.

The main roulette game is physically played with a live dealer, a physical roulette wheel and a ball, which is all manually operated.

By their very nature, live games produce natural results, which at times can look unnatural – but that’s just how live results are.

The wheels are carefully monitored to ensure they run within the manufacturer’s tolerances for behaviour and bias. You’re guaranteed a fair wheel when you play live roulette, regardless of what few people say about the games being fixed.

The mix of RNG and physical components delivers a fair game of roulette.

Lucky Ball Roulette Live Playing Interface Features

All Playtech Live Roulette games use the same playing interface, with many features that make playing easier.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can find.

  1. Betting using the Grid, Racetrack and Statistics.
  2. BetBuilder is a facility that allows you to create a betting pattern offline, which you save to your favourites; you can create as many betting patterns as you like, storing them under different names and recalling when you want to use them.
  3. The LuckyDip facility allows you to select random Straight-up bets for five, seven or eight numbers. Like the national lottery machine feature, lucky dip numbers are chosen for you.
  4. AutoPlay is useful for repeating the same bet for a designated number of game rounds. It helps you manage your bankroll while ensuring you don’t miss any games. It’s used more in multiplier games than regular roulette, but it is a helpful feature.
  5. Statistics are kept of the results of all the previous 1000 spins, so you can quickly see past results and whether any of them triggered the Fruity Bet and what the winning multiplier was.


I guess “Lucky Ball” describes how the ball becomes lucky for the Fruity Bet players if it happens to trigger a win for the side bet.

I would have called the game Fruity Bet Roulette, which aptly describes the game and avoids confusion with previously released games called Lucky Ball Roulette.

As roulette games go, Playtech roulette is always excellent. The playing interface is optimised to make everything easy to use. The Bet Builder is a fantastic bit of functionality that you can use to create betting patterns without placing a bet.

As for the Fruity Bet side bet. It’s a bit of fun and should be treated like that. Although it has a maximum payout of 100x, the RTP of 95.29% already tells you this is a poor-paying feature.

So the best advice is to play this for small sums as a bit of fun. Don’t expect too much back, and certainly don’t expect to make lots of profit from it in the long term.