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Pragmatic Play Mega Sic Bo

pragmatic play mega sic bo

Introduction to Mega Sic Bo

Pragmatic Play Mega Sic Bo is the first live dice game produced by this live casino games provider.

Mega Sic Bo is based on the Asian game of Sic Bo, and has been adapted to give Mega Payouts when random multipliers are applied to some bet positions after betting time has closed.

These multipliers can pay up to 1000x your initial bet if the dice results match the bet position where the multipliers have been applied.

This is not the first version of Sic Bo with Multipliers, as Playtech has Sic Bo Deluxe and Evolution offers Super Sic Bo.

These versions are broadly the same, although payout rates for some bet positions are different.



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mega sic bo

How is Pragmatic Play Mega Sic Bo Played?

Live Dealer, Mega Sic Bo is really easy to play.

The betting grid looks really scary, but once you understand it you’ll be placing bets with ease.

The objective is to bet on what you think the outcome will be of 3 dice rolled.

You bet on the result of 1 dice, two dice, all three, and combinations thereof.

mega sic bo betting grid

Bets range from Totals (the sum of the dice when added together) or single numbers, doubles, or triples.

There’s also the option to bet on whether the total of the three dice will be an odd or even number or above 11 or below 10.

It’s possible to place many bets all over the betting grid. I prefer to use a betting strategy when I’m playing so I know what to do each game round.

Bets are placed during 15 seconds of betting time.

After this, several of the betting positions have random multipliers assigned to them.

mega sic bo multipliers

Dice Shaker

A glass-domed dice shaker sits in the middle of a table, by which a game presenter is seated.

The shaker is connected to a power supply through which a small motor agitates the plate that the 3 dice sit on.

The plate vibrates for about 5 seconds, causing the dice to dance around inside the glass dome.

When the vibration stops the dice settle and the sides facing up count towards the result.

mega sic bo dice shaker


The Auto Play function allows you to repeat the same bet for a set number of game rounds automatically.

It’s a great way to ensure that if you’re doing other things while you’re playing you don’t miss placing your bet for the next game round. Something I’ve been guilty of doing plenty of times.

And it’s always the way, that the spin you miss is the one where you’d have won a load of money!

The AutoPlay is really easy to set-up. You place your bet as normal, then select the auto play option and pick the number of game rounds you want. Save it and you’re done.

You can monitor the number of spins remaining on the AutoPlay icon or just above the betting time bar.

mega sic bo autoplay

Video Review

My Video review of Mega Sic Bo, explains how to play the game and the strategy I use when placing bets.

please feel free to leave comments and subscribe to my channel so you get notified when I do a new video review.

pragmatic mega sic bo video review

Mega Sic Bo Betting Statistics

The playing interface comes with three sets of playing statistics, which give information on past results. It’s normal, especially with Asian facing games to provide these types of statistics, as players use the information to help them decide the betting decisions to make next.

Small/Big – Odd/Even

small/big odd/even mega sic bo stats

These statistics show the sequence of wins for Big/Small and Odd/Even Bet types.

They are displayed in a very similar way to the Baccarat Roadmaps, with each new column showing the trend.

Dice Result Statistics

mega sic bo dice results statistics

Quite simply, these statistics show how often in percentage terms how often each of the numbers of the dice has appeared in the results.

This is useful if you like betting on Numbers, as you can see the hold and cold numbers. Over the long term, they should be fairly equal, but sometimes one number is favoured more than another. if you can spot that and bet on it, you should win.

Dice Results

The Dice results show the result for the last Shake, giving details of each number on the dice and the total value of the 3 dice added together.

dice results for mega sic bo

Mega Sic Bo Payout Information

You’d think that payouts on a game of Sic Bo would be similar across the board.

Well, they are not. Mega Sic Bo payouts are lower than say Playtech’s Sic Bo Deluxe because Mega Sic Bo allows the Odd/Even Bet and Playtech doesn’t. So that element of RTP has to be paid for somewhere, and the way they do it is to reduce the payouts on some of the other bet types.

The differences tend to be for the Total bets, where there is quite a swing.

The Mega Boosts are in line and for the same betting areas on the board.

BetStandard PayoutEnhanced Mega Payouts
Up to
Small / BigSmall Pays 1:1
Big Pays 1:1
Odd/EvenOdd Pays 1:1
Even Pays 1:1
Totals4 or 17 pays 50:1
5 or 16 pays 20:1
6 or 15 pays 15:1
7 or 14 pays 12:1
8 or 13 pays 8:1
9 or 12 pays 6:1
10 or 11 pays 6:1
4 or 17 pays up to 499:1
5 or 16 pays up to 249:1
6 or 15 pays up to 149:1
7 or 14 pays up to 29:1
8 or 13 pays up to 24:1
9 or 12 pays up to 24:1
10 or 11 pays up to 24:1
SingleSingle pays 1:1
Double pays 2:1
Triple pays 3:1
Two Dice pays up to 19:1
Three dice pays up to 87:1
DoubleDouble pays 8:1Double pays up to 87:1
Triple (Specfic)Triple pays 150:1Triple pays up to 999:1
Any TripleAny Triple pays 30:1Any Triple pays up to 87:1
Two Dice CombinationCombination pays 5:1Combination pays up to 24:1

Return to Player (RTP)

The RTP for the entire game of Mega Sic Bo is 97.22%, which is calculated on the Big/Small, Odd/Even Bets.

The range of RTP across all bets is 95.47% up to a maximum of 97.22%.

Playing Strategies for Pragmatic Mega Sic Bo

If you’re looking for a betting strategy for Mega Sic Bo you’ve come to the right place.

You should use a strategy to make the most out of your Bankroll. Don’t expect to win, as that is not the primary objective of using strategy. For me, it’s about maintaining your bankroll and giving you the best opportunity to maximise your chance of winning.

If you just want to make a profit, the even money bets are your best option.

If you want to maximise your chances of winning with a Megawin, you really have to cover a lot of the betting grid with bets.

But what’s the most optimal way of doing that? Well, I suggest using a system like the one I’m going to explain now.

There are 52 Betting positions on the betting grid, so you want to at least a quarter of those and at least one of each bet type. I’m leaving out the even money bets, so it’s actually 48 bet positions.

  • Pick a number – If your not sure have a look at the statistics to see which number is appearing the most – I generally don’t pick this, but one of the others.
  • Place a bet on every position that contains your number. That’s either a total or has your number in it. So if your number is 4, place bets on, 4, double 4, triple 4, 14, total 4, 1&3, 1&4, 2&4, 3&4, 5&4, 6&4.  That’s 11 bets.
  • If a 4 is thrown you’ll be in profit.

Of course, winning isn’t guaranteed, but you’ll stand a greater chance of getting a MegaWin and also keeping your bankroll for longer.

mega sic bo betting strategy

Summary Review of Mega Sic Bo

I like playing Mega Sic Bo with the addition of win multipliers – whose not going to like that?

Pragmatic Play has done a good job with Mega Sic Bo, it’s a good addition to their game selection.

Sadly it doesn’t really stand out from the other live casino providers. The studio looks very familiar and it lacks something that says its a Pragmatic Play game.

I think the results could be improved by showing which positions on the betting grid will be paid out. This will be especially helpful to players who like to cover multiple betting options.

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