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Comparing Evolution Crazy Time with Monopoly Live – Which is Better?

crazy time vs monopoly live

Crazy Time and Monopoly Live are part of the Dream Catcher series of entertainment games from Evolution Gaming.

They are both based on a Wheel of Fortune, where players bet on sections on the wheel to win money.

What’s different about both of these games is the addition of Bonus segments on the wheel. Landing on one of these, either triggers a multiplier to be applied to the win of the next spin or the opportunity to enter a bonus round, where big wins are the ultimate prize.

In this article, I’m going to compare the differences between Crazy Time and Monopoly Live to see which of the two games:

  • Is Better to Play.
  • Has the biggest win potential.
  • Has a better Return to Player statistics.
  • Offers the best enjoyment overall.



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Differences between Crazy Time and Monopoly Live

There are going to be a lot of comparisons made between Crazy Time and Monopoly Live. Which one is better to play? which one has the best payouts? and which one is more enjoyable to play are some of the questions that will be asked.

I’ve played both of the games and performed some analysis that will hopefully answer those questions.

Crazy Time vs Monopoly Comparison

Comparison Chart

Crazy Time
Wheel No. &
Wheel No &
Crazy Time
RTP & Probability
RTP & Probability
1 (21)1 (22)96.08% (38.8%)92.88% (40.74%)
2 (13)2 (15)95.95% (22.22%)96.23% (27.77%)
5 (7)5 (7)95.78% (12.96%)91.30% (12.96%)
10 (4)10 (4)95.73% (7.40%)96.02% (7.40%)
Coin Flip (4)95.70% (7.40%)
Pachinko (2)2 rolls (3)94.33% (3.70%)93.90% (5.55%)
Cash Hunt (2)Chance (2)95.27% (3.70%)(3.70%)
Crazy Time (1)4 rolls (1)94.41% (1.85%)93.67% (1.85%)

Crazy Time VS Monopoly Facts Revealed

  • Both the Crazy Time and Monopoly Wheels have 54 Segments
  • Crazy Time initiates a potential multiplier for any parts of the wheel on each new spin. Monopoly only does this with the Chance segment.
  • The probability of 1 & 2’s landing is better on Monopoly than Crazy Time.
  • Number 1 has the best probability of being hit on Crazy Time & Monopoly Live.
  • There is the same chance of getting the Crazy Time Bonus Round as there is with the 4 Rolls in Monopoly.
  • The base 4 Rolls Bonus is more likely to give a better return than the Crazy Time Bonus without any multipliers.
  • The Optimal RTP for Crazy Time is 96.08% which is slightly worse than Monopoly at 96.23%.
  • Crazy Time has a greater potential of larger wins on the 4 Bonus rounds due to the Top Slot Multiplier.
  • The most volatile Crazy Time Bonuses are Pachinko and Crazy Time.

The worse paying bonus on Crazy Time is the Coin Flip – it’s not unusual to get under 5x. 2 Rolls on Monopoly pays on average 10x.

An RNG engine is used to decide 2 Bonus results on Crazy Time – the Cash Hunt and Crazy Time.

With Monopoly, all game choices are determined by the physical rolls of the dice (except the allocation of multipliers on the Monopoly Board).

Which game is better to play – Crazy Time or Monopoly Live?

If you like lots of things happening then Crazy Time is probably the better game to play as there is always something to interest you.

However, you may get frustrated with the frequency of low wins, however, this will keep your balance turning over.

If you just play numbers then there’s a better chance of winning bigger on Crazy Time than Monopoly, purely because Crazy time numbers can get multipliers from the Top Slot. It seems that No.1 gets the multipliers most frequently.

Does Crazy Time have better payouts than Monopoly Live?

For pure number bets – Crazy time is better to play. While there are more ones and two on Monopoly Live (38), the ones and twos on Crazy Time (34) also get win multipliers assigned, which more than offsets the difference of number segments between the two.

For bonuses – Crazy time has more plentiful bonuses and I feel they pay on average the same as Monopoly. But when you’re playing it feels less, which may be due to the way this high variance game is structured.

Is Crazy Time more Enjoyable than Monopoly Live?

This one is down to personal preference. I enjoy different aspects of each game.

I think the Numbers are better with Crazy time – I like the additional multipliers you can get and therefore the enhanced payouts.

As for bonus rounds, this may surprise you.

I prefer the 4 rolls on Monopoly, for these reasons.

  • I like the physical aspect of dice being used to determine what happens next,
  • The added excitement of hoping for doubles and also working out what number is needed next, to get the best multipliers on each shake of the dice.

As much as the Crazy Time Bonus rounds are great, I haven’t been hooked by any of them in the way 4 Rolls has done on Monopoly.

You need to play both to see if you agree with me:-)


While both Monopoly Live Dream Catcher and Crazy Time Dream Catcher are similar games, they are not the same.

At times they both create utter frustration with players – you only have to see the in-game chat when Bonuses aren’t appearing, and even when they do how players react so badly when the payouts are just a few times the bet.

If you can look past the cheating and fix claims by unhappy players, you have a simple choice.

Do you want to play Crazy Time that has lots of bonus rounds, that generally pay out low most of the time and then Big every once in a while OR Monopoly Live that does the same, but with Bonus rounds less frequent.

Monopoly Live edges it on RTP by one percentage point, so there’s not much in it overall.

Payouts are capped on both games at £500,000, so the potential is definitely there.

My advice is simple – try them both. The alternative is to play both at the same time. Play the Numbers on Crazy Time and the Bonus Rolls on Monopoly or even a mix of Numbers and Pachinko and Crazy Time Bonus on Crazy time and the 2 and 4 Rolls on Monopoly Live.

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