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ALt Video Review

  • Asia Live Tech was established in 2011 & is based in Svay Rieng, Cambodia.
  • The company employs 800 – 1000 staff, with 100 working as Live Dealers.
  • They have an Online Gaming License issued by the Cambodian Government.
  • They have 7 Live Casino Games – Baccarat, Sic Bo, Fan-Tan, Xoc Dia, Dragon Tiger, BelangKai and Roulette.
  • There are 3 studio areas located in the Lucky89 Land based Casino & Resort in Cambodia.
  • The iStudio has 5 tables which are only for online players.
  • The 89 Room has 8 tables on the casino floor.
  • Lucky Room has 8 tables shared with land based players.

Company Background

Asia Live Tech Logo

Asia Live Tech is a Bitcoin and crypto currencies iGaming Software Provider that was founded in 2011.

They provide cost effective White Label solutions, product integrations and an online license granted by the Cambodian Government, that enables their clients to offer their solutions to an International online audience.

iGaming entrepreneurs, affiliates and aggregators are also able to use a range of managed services, such as Call Centers, Offices and the Rental of Live Dealer tables, to enable them to offer a complete operational service.

Initially Asia Live Tech started out as a solutions integrator, but they found the quality of the 3rd party products they were using didn’t meet their on going requirements.

So they took a decision to develop the solutions themselves.

They specialise in:

  • Live Streamed Asian Table games – Baccarat, Sic Bo, Fan-Tan, Xoc Dia, Dragon Tiger , BelangKai and Roulette.
  • Asian Lotteries.
  • Keno.
  • Sportsbook.
  • Slot Games.

Asia Live Tech Review

Asia Live tech DevicesThis review of Asia Live tech concentrates solely on their unique Live Casino products. If you’re interested in reading about the other products their website is a good starting point.

I should say at this point that I do not play regularly on any Asia Live Tech Live Casino tables.

My experience stems from playing for long periods as a guest through one of their online casino partners.

I play alongside players who are gambling for real money.

All of the games are One to Many in format, i.e. you’re betting on the result of the game you’re watching, the players have no say in the running of the game. Demo or Fun mode has no impact on the outcome of the games.

If you’re interested in trying the games out yourself go to www.12macau.com.

Live Casino Products

Picture of Asia Live Tech Games

Asia Tech Live offer live dealer games streamed from 3 studios areas within the Lucky89 Land Based Casino & Resort in Cambodia.

The purpose built studio iStudio is for online players only and have 5 tables and 3 games:

  • Baccarat (2 versions Punto Banco & Baccarat Squeeze).
  • Sic Bo.
  • Roulette.

Then there are two studio areas. The 89 Room has 8 tables located on the casino floor in view of the general public. The Lucky Room has another 8 tables are theses are dual play tables where you’re playing alongside real patrons in the casino. This is the most authentic of the three playing areas. The games include:

  • Baccarat (Punto Banco).
  • Sic Bo.
  • Dragon Tiger.
  • Xoc Dia.
  • Belangkai.
  • Fan-Tan ( 2 versions – Traditional & Simple)

There’s also the option to stream the games from a “Disco” location. Loud music and people dancing are actively encouraged. This is open between 7pm – 5am daily.

There’s also the facility to allow some players the option to place bets by telephone, when it’s not possible for them to do so online.

A Proxy service is used to place bets on their behalf while they watch the action online.

I wasn’t able to test or view this from my location.

A dealer working for asia live techStreaming Quality

The playing interfaces all have the ability to choose streaming quality between “Gentle” and HD, with “Gentle” requiring much less bandwidth than HD.

In all the playing tests I did, I never managed to play a full game round in HD without the screen going blank.

In “Gentle” mode I suffered lag sometimes and often saw the results revealed before the hands had been dealt by the dealer.

This wasn’t consistent though.

I had another window opened with another suppliers stream running at the same time and had no issues with theirs. I can only assume the streaming technology used by Asia Live Tech is more sensitive to bandwidth issues.

Playing Interface

The Playing interface for all games is functional, with additional options available depending on the game your playing.

Some games play in full screen (typically the card based games) while others just display an inset picture.

Background music is on by default but can be muted if you don’t like it.

The Baccarat interface displays the roadmaps for the current dealing shoe.

The table language is generally English.

Even though there is a chat facility there was a definitely a reluctance from the dealers to engage in any form of conversation.

The Lobby

The Lobby is nice and straight forward.

There’s 4 tabs, one for each of the studios iStudio, 89 Room, Lucky Room and one for All Games.

Each of the tabs displays the games that are provided in that “Studio”.

The tab to display all games, groups the tables by game type. Choosing a game will display all the tables regardless of the studio they are in.

Summary information for each table is shown in the interface, so you can see that Road Maps and game statistics to help you chose which table to play on.

As Lobby Interfaces go, I like the simplicity and information displayed.

Live Baccarat

Three Different versions of Baccarat are offered.

  • Punto Banco.
  • Baccarat Squeeze – Players can squeeze the hand they have bet on.
  • Baccarat Insurance – Make an additional bet after 4 cards have been dealt.
  • Played with 8 decks. Manual shuffle and deal.
  • Burn cards at the start of the shoe & each hand.
  • Tie bet pays 8:1.
  • Full set of Baccarat Road Maps.
  • Playable on the studio table and from the casino floor.

Live Sic Bo (Tai Xiu)

  • This is a game played with 3 dice.
  • You bet on different outcomes of the roll of the three dice.
  • There are two tables, one in the studio and one on the casino floor.
  • Table layout on the casino floor is more traditional than the studio version.

Live Roulette

  • European version of Roulette with a single Zero.
  • There are two tables, one in the studio one on the casino floor.
  • Only bets from online players are taken.
  • The dealer stands by the wheel, there is no table.
  • The wheel direction is alternated with each spin.
  • There is a 30 second betting time.
  • bets can be placed using the betting grid and via the racetrack.
  • Neighbour bets are fixed at 4.

Live Dragon Tiger

  • There is no commission taken on Dragon or Tiger Wins.
  • If a Tie results, 50% of stake is returned to the player.
  • A results road map is displayed for the current shoe.
  • Tie pays 8:1, Dragon and Tiger pays 1:1.

Live Fan Tan

  • Two versions of this popular game with the Chinese.
  • Simple version is played with 3 Dice.
  • The traditional version uses multiple playing chips.
  • Players bet on a number between 1 and 4 and combinations thereof.
  • The result is determined by taking multiple of 4’s away from the total number.
  • The remaining number determines the result.
  • If there is no remainder the result is 4.

Xoc Dia

Xoc Dia is a Vietnamese game of chance, which is played with four coin shaped tokens of two different colors.

The aim is to bet on the right results combination.

  • The dealer places the coins on a plate and covers them with a cup.
  • The cup is shaken.
  • Bets are placed.
  • The dealer reveals the results.
  • Odd/Even & Ties pay 0.97 : 1.
  • All one colour pays 9.5 : 1.
  • Mixed colours pay 2.5 : 1.


This game, also known as Belangkas, has it’s roots in Malaysia and is exclusive to Asia Live Tech.

  • Players bet on which side a four sided top will land when it’s been spun by the dealer.
  • Each facet has it’s own unique picture, a King Crab, a flower, a fish and a prawn.
  • For a straight up bet each of the symbols pays 2.85 : 1.
  • Other betting combinations are possible.
  • Statistics are shown for the previous 78 spins.

Multi Table

Multi Table gives the option to play three games all in the same playing interface.

A scaled down version of each interface is provided for each of the games.

Disco Pit

This is one of the products that’s been created for a specific demand.

It brings Disco, Music, dancing and attractive people together with Live Casino Games.

Land Based and online players can play along side each other while enjoying the atmosphere in the Disco Pit.

Currently Sic Bo and Baccarat are available, but other games can be requested by clients.


The games have been developed using Flash rather than HTML5, which is typical of older online developments.

To play on mobile devices you’ll need to download an app for both IOS and Android devices.

Links for the Apps appear on the website.

All play is in landscape mode. The lobby has been cut down a bit, so you only get a list of the games.

Moving around the app is smooth and the playing interface for each game is really good. In fact I actually prefer it to the desktop version.


Asia Live Tech is one of many Live Casino operators that provides their products specifically for the Asian market.

However as I discovered at the 2017 ICE conference in London they are one of many providers keen to expand into new markets.

That’s when I first ran into them.

Up till then I’d not really been exposed to the Asian Live Casino market. My only feel for “Asian” type games has been those provided by Playtech.

Of course I’m familiar with Baccarat and Roulette as all suppliers carry these games, but the other games are less familiar to me.

I’m interested to see that Roulette is only provided to online players. Culturally it’s not really made it’s mark for land based Asian players.

The playing interface and visuals has a very old school feel to it, I suppose I’m used to the more modern interfaces that European providers have developed.

The obvious difference is where the studios and tables are located.

All of Asia Live Techs tables are located on the gaming floor of a land based casino. While some are only available for online players the trust factor of being in a real gaming environment is clearly a priority for both the operator and the players.

This trend is creeping in more with the European software providers. We are now seeing Roulette and Baccarat being streamed from land based casinos by the likes of Evolution, Portomaso, Authentic and Extreme Live Gaming.

It’s good to see an Asian Live casino provider on Live Casino Comparer.