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playtech casino stud poker video

Playtech Casino Stud Poker is a 5 Card Poker game played with a Live Dealer.

The objective of the game is to win by getting a better 5 card poker hand than the dealer.

There’s also two side bets that can be played alongside the main hand:

  • 5+1 Bonus which uses the players 5 cards and the dealers up card to make a poker hand.
  • A Progressive Jackpot that increases with each hand played until it’s won with a 5 Card Royal Flush. Lessor hands pay a fixed amount.

If the game looks familiar it’s because it is.

Playtech is not the only live casino provider to offer this game. Evolution, Vivo and XPG all offer the game as Caribbean Stud Poker.

Only Playtech and Evolution has a progressive jackpot.



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How Casino Stud Poker is Played

Like a lot of live dealer poker games, Casino Stud Poker is very simple to play.

To really enjoy the game you should have an understanding of Poker hand values.

However it’s not essential to start playing. You’ll pick it up as you go along.

Croupier dealing a live hand of casino stud poker

Before any cards are dealt you’ll need to place an Ante bet.

There’s also the opportunity to place optional side bets of 5+1 Bonus and a Progressive Jackpot (if it’s available).

5 cards are dealt face up to the player position and 5 cards with one face up to the dealers position.

This is the moment when you decide whether to play the hand. If you do then you need to place the Call bet which is 2x the Ante.

If you don’t want to play the hand you fold and you’ll lose the Ante bet.

The earlier then turns over their remaining 4 cards and compares the two hands.

The Dealer needs to qualify to be able to play his hand. This means he needs to have an Ace/King or better to be able to play. If he doesn’t, the Call Bet is returned to the player and the Ante is paid at 1:1.

When the  dealer qualifies the two hands are compared. If the dealer hand beats the players the call and Ante Bets are lost.

When the hands are the same, the bets are pushed.

If the players hand is better, the Ante Bet is paid at even money, while the call bet is paid out according to the pay table.

A winning 5+1 Bonus hand is paid out regardless of the outcome of the main hand.

Casino Stud Poker Strategy

Casino Stud Poker can be won in two ways:

  • The dealer not qualifying – you get paid 1:1 on your Ante Bet.
  • The player beating the dealer with a better 5 card poker hand. Ante pays 1:1 and call Bet gets paid at the rate for the winning hand.

So a players hand with rubbish cards can still “win” if the dealer doesn’t qualify.

The strategy is to play any hand that is King high or more. Arguably you could say any picture card, but in my opinion that’s pushing it.

The dealers up card can really help in the decision making process.

If that is higher than any of the players cards then the player is beat so the player should fold immediately.

If the dealers up card is the same as one of the players cards that means there’s one less in the deck for the dealer to make a pair with.

That sort of info can help you decide what to do next.

Most of the time the dealers up card is not helpful, so you’ll be playing 95% of the hands through to the end.

The RTP improves with this tactic to 98.18%.

It’s not an exact science.

You’ll fold hands that would have won and lose hands you expect to win when the dealers pulls straight of flush out from no-where!

Casino Stud Poker Side Bet Options

5+1 Bonus

This Side Bet uses the players 5 cards and the dealers fist up card to make a 5 Card Poker hand.

Payouts begin if the hand is at least a 3 of a Kind.

5+1 Bonus Payout Chart

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive Jackpot is an optional Bet of £€1 a hand.

The jackpot is won with a Royal Flush  which is shared between everyone playing the side bet.

Prizes for lessor hands are paid directly to each player.

Progressive Jackpot payouts for casino stud poker

Return To Player (RTP)

The RTP for the initial Ante Bet is 96.29%, while the Total Bet (Call Bet) returns 98.18% when played.

The Jackpot Bet is a lowly 81.84%.

The 5+1 Bonus side bet fairs better at 91.44%.

Not the greatest of returns, but in games like this you only need to hit one really good hand to turn the tables on the casino.

Playing Interfaces

Desktop View

Croupier dealing a live hand of casino stud poker

Mobile – Landscape View

mobile landscape view of the table

The playing interface has been designed to be truly mobile. It can be view on all device types in Landscape and Portrait modes.

Both are very playable, with good clear views of the cards.

The controls are easy to use in both the desktop and mobile versions.

If anything, Mobile is easier to play because everything is in easy reach of your thumbs.

Mobile – Portrait View

portrait mode on mobile


Playtech has done a good job with Casino Stud Poker.

The game plays quickly and the on screen information is presented clearly.

Personally I’d like to see an Auto play function added to the Auto call, as it’s easy to miss placing your bets as the betting time is quite quick.

Other than that I think this version of the game give players a great alternative to Evolution Caribbean Stud Poker.

The Progressive Jackpot is a nice touch, which might encourage a few more players when it starts to get big.