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Pragmatic Treasure Island Review and Strategy Guide To Win

pragmatic play treasure island live

Introduction to Pragmatic Play Treasure Island Live

Treasure Island is a live entertainment gameshow produced by Pragmatic Play. It’s themed around Robert Louis Stevenson’s well-loved novel, Treasure Island.

Throughout the game, particularly in the Bonus Rounds, we’re introduced to some of Treasure Island’s famous characters, Long John Silver, Captain Flint and Billy Bones.

The game itself is centred on a 54-segment big wheel, which contains Instant Win prizes and six Bonus rounds, two of which are features that deliver instant payouts.

This is the most elaborate gameshow Pragmatic has produced. The multipliers for the bet spots are fluid, changing each game round between 1x and 50x, making the initial spin of the wheel even more exciting.

In this review, I will explain how to play Treasure Island Live, how each bonus round works, and highlight some quirks you might miss.

I’m also going to discuss playing and betting strategies for Treasure Island.

This is a low volatile game, where you’ll get frequent small wins. The big wins are reserved for the Bonus Rounds, with the maximum possible multiplier being 15,450 on Billy Bones’ Map. Wins are capped at £$€500,000.

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Treasure Island Gameshow

Treasure Island Explained in Nine Steps

If you’re pretty clued up with these live entertainment game shows, you’ll understand how the ones with big wheels work. Treasure Island is no different but has some features we’ve not seen before, so I’ll do my best to give you a quick 9-step guide to Treasure Island. The rest of this review goes into more detail and tackles things like Strategies and finding ways to win.

  1. The game’s core is a 54-segment Big Wheel containing three types of gems and Six Bonus rounds on the segments.
  2. The unusual thing is the Gem segments don’t have fixed multiplier payouts. The payouts are selected after the betting window has closed, with the values ranging from 1x right up to 50x. The 50x is possible on the Ruby sections.
  3. Some gem segments contain more than one jewel, so if the wheel stops on one of these segments, both gem types will win. Some segments have two of the same gem, resulting in a double payout if the wheel stops on it.
  4. The Wild Collector and Great Scavenger Bonus Features pay instant wins. The payouts are calculated by adding the gem values on a wheel section, highlighted by lights, or from each mini slot and the Gem multiplier values.
  5. The Ben’s Lost Marbles Bonus round uses live dice rolls to determine how many marbles will be used in this bagatelle-style game. The rest of the game is computer-generated, with the result determined using RNG.
  6. John Silvers Loot uses a Bingo Ball style machine to draw up to 10 gem-coloured balls. No interaction is needed from the player.
  7. Billy Bones’s Map relies on you picking five tiles on a map and trying to find the hidden keys. The RNG determines the result.
  8. Captains Flint’s Treasure is another RNG game where players choose a path through six levels of barrels. Avoiding the Skulls gets you bigger payouts.
  9. The RTP for Treasure Island is between 96.39% and 96.56%, distributed evenly between all game parts.

Where to Play Treasure Island Live

I have a recommended list of live casinos with Treasure Island. They are all excellent places to play, but some may be better depending on the bonuses.

My main casino recommendation is Winz.io Casino, as they have regular promotions with great Deposit and Withdrawal options and offer 10% Cashback on losses.

I’ve rated this casino highly because you can play on any device, and withdrawals are generally quick.

If you want a recommendation of the best casino for Treasure Island, that would be Winz.io Casino.

Sign up with Winz.io; it’s the best casino for playing Treasure Island.

Treasure Island Video Review with All 6 Bonus Rounds

It took me a while to capture all the six bonus rounds, but I did it in two playing sessions. I got all but Captain Flint’s Treasure in about 50 game rounds, but it took another 50 to get the final one.

In this video review, I explain how to play and show each of the bonus rounds in full, explaining how to play each one. Hopefully, it will help you when you come to play Treasure Island.

treasure island video review

How To Play Treasure Island Live

Treasure Island is really easy to play. You need to get your head around the sequence in the game and the quirks that aren’t obvious.

In this section, I’ll take you through each phase of the game in detail so you can understand exactly how to play Treasure Island.

  • Betting Time is where you place your bets on one, some or all of the betting positions. Six of them are Bonus Rounds.
  • The Gem Multipliers are chosen when Betting Time has closed.
  • The presenter spins the wheel.
  • The wheel sections defining the segments for the Wild Collector feature are chosen and lit up on the outside of the wheel.
  • The Wheel stops on one of the segments.
    • If the wheel stops on a Gem segment, players with a winning bet receive the payout indicated on the betting grid.
    • A bonus round or feature is initiated if the wheel stops on a Bonus Segment. Only players with active bets on the segment will take part. Everyone else watches.
  • The game round finishes, and 12 seconds of betting time commences.

Treasure Island Wheel
Treasure Isalnd Wheel and Betting positions

Betting Time

There are twelve seconds of betting time, enough time to place your bets if you know what you want.

There are three gems bets and six bonus rounds. A Bet All function will place a bet on all positions using the coin value you selected.

Otherwise, click or dab the position where you want to bet.

On Average, a Bonus round will hit every three game rounds, the Yellow (Topaz) Gem will hit more times, the Green (Emerald) about the same as the bonus round frequency, and the Red (Ruby) will appear the least.

Remember: The payout values for the Gems are not known before you bet. The Yellow and Green Gems have a minimum of 1x, while the Red Gem is 3x. The maximum payout for Yellow is 5x, Green – 20x, and Red – 50x.

Segment on WheelNumber of
Topaz (Yellow)21
Emerald (Geen)14
Ruby (Red)8
Great Scavenger4
Wild Collector3
Ben’s Lost Marbles3
John Silver’s Loot2
Billy Bones’ Map2
Captain Flint’s Treasure1

Gem Multipliers are Chosen

gem multipliers being chosen

Once betting time is completed, the multipliers for each gem are chosen.

There are three single slot machines, one for each of the Yellow (Topez), Green (Emerald) and Red (Ruby) Gems.

The possible multiplier values are:

  • Topez – between 1x and 10x.
  • Emerald – Between 1x and 20x.
  • Ruby – between 3x and 50x.

Each slot spins until it stops on a multiplier value. The betting grid and payouts are updated with these new values.

Treasure Island Wheel and Segments

Let’s take a more detailed look at the Treasure Island Wheel.

The wheel contains 54 segments. Thirty-nine segments have Gems and Fifteen Bonus Rounds.

  • Five segments have double Yellow (Topaz) gems.
  • One segment contains a double Red (Ruby) gem.
  • Six segments contain mixed double mixed gems.

The Thirty-nine segments occupied by Gems have payouts ranging between 1x and 50x. This means there’s a 72.2% chance the result will be a Gem.

The Yellow Gem (Topaz) occupies the most segments at twenty-one, giving a 36% chance of winning on every spin.

The Fifteen segments containing the Bonus rounds give a 27.7% chance of one of the six bonus rounds occurring.

  • The Great Scavenger occupies four segments
  • The Wild Collector occupies three segments.
  • Ben’s Lost Marbles occupies three segments
  • John Silvers Loot has two segments
  • Billy Bones Map has two segments
  • Captain Flint’s Treasure has one segment.

treasure island big wheel

Presenter Spins the Treasure Island Wheel

When the betting time has closed and the multipliers for the gems have been chosen, the presenter spins the wheel.

Now, while the wheel is spinning, a few additional things happen.

The lights around the wheel pulsate, eventually stopping and revealing the range of wheel sectors used in the Wild Collector bonus round – see below for more info.

Also, the six stones at the top of each gem multiplier slot pulsate until between zero and six remain lit. These will be used in the Great Scavenger Bonus round – see below for more information.

Wild Collector Segments

wild collector segments

Great Scavenger Gems

great scavenger gems

Treasure Island Bonus Rounds

There are six bonus rounds in Treasure Island.

The Wild Collector and Great Scavenger Bonus Features provide instant wins. At the same time, Ben’s Lost Marbles, John Silver’s Loot, Billy Bones’ Map and Captain Flint’s Treasure Bonus Rounds take a little longer than the Bonus Features and require some form of player interaction, although if you fail to act, the game will pick for you!

Wild Collector Bonus Feature

Wild Collector is a bonus feature that gives an instant win when the wheel stops on the segment.

The payout is calculated from the number of gems that appear within the highlighted range that appears on the outside of the big wheel.

The gems take their respective multiplier value and are added together, giving a total payout, which includes your initial bet.

The minimum payout for the feature is 2:1, and the maximum is a whopping 900:1.

You’re most likely to get around 10x.

This feature appears three times on the Treasure Island wheel, giving it a 5.5% chance of being hit.

The Wild Collector has an RTP of 96.56%.

wild collector feature

The Great Scavenger Bonus Feature

The Great Scavenger is another instant win feature.

The payout is calculated using the lit lights on each Gem slot. The number of lit lamps is multiplied by the gem multiplier for that slot.

So you have three slots, each with lit lights and multipliers below, which get added together.

It’s possible that when the big wheel stops on the Great Scavenger sector, each slot will respin to generate a bigger multiplier. This is a random event and is not guaranteed to happen every time.

The payout for the feature ranges between 3x and 450x.

This feature will occur the most because it occupies four segments on the Treasure Island wheel.

There’s a 7.41 % chance the wheel will land on this segment.

The Great Scavenger has an RTP of 96.53%.

great scavenger feature

Ben’s Lost Marbles Bonus Round

Ben’s Lost Marbles is a mini-game bonus round based on a Pachinko/Pinball/Bagatelle-style machine.

Marbles are dropped from the top, which can be caught by pockets within the machine with multiplier values attached: the more marbles that get collected, the bigger the payout.

The game is all RNG, apart from a dice roll at the start to select the number of marbles to drop.

The Bonus round goes like this:

  • On entry, the initial values of the Gems may be increased by up to 4x. This is significant because the machine has nine pockets, with five receiving the multiplier value of one of the gems. The remaining four can also randomly receive a multiplier value from one of the gems.
  • Each pocket can hold up to ten marbles, with each given the multiplier value of the gem.
  • Three dice are rolled to determine how many buckets of marbles will be used. The first five buckets contain five marbles each; the remaining three have ten.
  • From then on, the marbles cascade through the machine, dropping into the pocket as they go. Marbles missing the pockets are discarded.
  • As the marbles drop into the pockets, the value increases on the pocket, displaying how much you’ve won.
  • At the end of the game, all the pockets are added up, and your stake is added to your total payout.

This bonus appears three times on the wheel, giving a 5.56% chance of the wheel stopping on it.

The payouts range from 2x through to 10,000x.

Ben’s Lost Marbles has an RTP of 96.39 and 96.54%.

bens lost marbles

John Silver’s Loot

John Sivers Loot is a bonus game that draws balls from a bingo-style machine. Each coloured ball is assigned a multiplier value based on the corresponding Gem multiplier chosen at the game’s start.

No player interaction is required during this bonus round, so sit back and watch the game unfold as the presenter comments on the game’s progress.

Up to 10 Balls are drawn from the machine, but if the ball’s colour is Black, it reduces the number to be drawn by five.

  • A total of 40 balls are held in the machine. Ten are Yellow (topaz), Six are Black with a Yellow gem, 10 Balls are Green (Emerald) with 3 Black and Green balls, and Ten are Red (Ruby) balls with one Black and Red ball.
  • The multipliers for the gems are selected at the start of the game, going up to a maximum of 20x in value.
  • The value and number of balls are updated as each ball is drawn.
  • The game completes when the number of balls to draw has been reduced to zero.
  • A black ball drawn reduces the number by five but still adds to the prize pool depending on its displayed gem colour.

The game pays between 2 and 10,000x.

Two sections on the wheel contain this bonus round, giving it a 3.7% chance of hitting in any game round.

John Silvers Loot has an RTP of 96.54%.

john silvers loot

Billy Bone’s Map

Billy Bone’s Map has the potential to have the biggest payout in Pragmatic Treasure Island, with a whopping 15,450:1.

This bonus round is about finding three hidden keys on an 8×8 grid map.

You get to pick five squares that contain gems or a Key underneath. If you find all three keys, you get to open the chest containing the big payout. Otherwise, you get the value of the gems you’ve uncovered.

Here’s how the bonus round unfolds.

  • The game starts with a wheel spun to choose the gem and value to be used to create the prize payout for the chest. The value is multiplied by the active gem multiplier when the bonus round is triggered. So the chest payout is Value x Gem Multiplier.
  • You have 10 seconds to pick five squares. If you don’t complete this, the game will be chosen for you.
  • The map is revealed, showing you the hidden gems and keys. You win what’s in the Chest if you’ve picked three keys. Otherwise, you win the value of the gems you found.

This bonus round occupies two segments on the Treasure Island Wheel, giving a 3.70% chance of being hit.

The Payout ranges between 5x and 15,450x.

The RTP for Billy Bones’ Map is 96.55%.

billy bones map

Captain Flints Treasure

The last of the bonus rounds is Captain Flint’s Treasure.

You effectively have to navigate through 6 levels, picking up gems as you go and avoiding the skulls which end your game early.

The game starts with a grid of barrels 7×6. You have to pick one barrel in each level as your path.

Each line of barrels dissolves, showing the gems and skulls sitting beneath.

If you’ve picked a gem, you bank the multiplier and move on to the next level. Choosing a skull means the end of the game.

The first two levels have no Skull, level three has one, and levels 4, 5 & 6 have three skulls each.

Captain Flint’s Treasure occupies one segment on the wheel, giving a 1.85% chance of being picked.

The payouts range from 10x through to 15,000x.

The RTP for Captain Flint’s Treasure is 96.52%.

captain flints treasure

Treasure Island RTP, Odds, Probability, Max win.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Treasure Island Live ranges between 96.39% and 96.55%.

The RTP is distributed relatively evenly across all the game elements, with no one area standing out as the one where your chances of getting a profit are better.

RNG is used heavily in the game and is a vehicle for controlling the RTP. Defined parameters will be in place to balance the multipliers in the main and bonus rounds, ensuring the game meets its RTP requirements over the long term.

This means we have a game that is not very volatile. You’ll get many bonus rounds, but they won’t pay much. Once in a while, they will, but you’re talking thousands of spins between the good results.

The payout ranges are generous, but you’ll mainly experience wins at the lower range. The big payouts all need the Gem multipliers to be at their maximum, and then you need the bonus rounds to behave accordingly to deliver the massive payouts of 10,000x plus.

Payout and Hit Frequency Table

Segment on WheelNumber of
Hit FrequencyRTPPayouts
Topaz (Yellow)2121/54 = 38.89%96.52%1 – 10:1
Emerald (Geen)1414/54 = 25.93%96.50%1 – 40:1
Ruby (Red)88/54 = 14.81%96.50%3 – 100:1
Great Scavenger44/54 = 7.41%96.53%3 – 450:1
Wild Collector33/54 = 5.56%96.56%2 – 900:1
Ben’s Lost Marbles33/54 = 5.56%96.39 – 96.54%2 – 10,000:1
John Silver’s Loot22/54 = 3.70%96.54%2 – 10,000:1
Billy Bones’ Map22/54 = 3.70%96.55%5 – 15,450:1
Captain Flint’s Treasure11/54 = 1.85%96.52%10 – 15,000:1

Treasure Island Statistics – Should You Monitor The Stats?

Treasure Island comes packed with information and statistics in its results tracker.

You can see a break-down of the result in three ways:

  1. Main Wheel Results – You can catch up to the last 500 main wheel results, including the multiplier payouts for the Gems and Bonus rounds, where everyone gets the same result. You’ll also see a breakdown of how often each result type occurred as a percentage.
  2. The Bouns Round Results – The results of each Bonus round are displayed, including the payout ranges in percentage terms. It’s easy to see the average payout and how often the “Big” payouts occur.
  3. Gems Statistics – These show the paus multipliers for each gems and how often, in percentage terms, they occur. Regardless of the result, you also get a breakdown of what they were for each game round.

Statistic and Results Trackers are a great way to see how the game behaves. You’d expect to see the long term results meet with the games published RTP. The short-term results may be more volatile, and show how the game is playing at that particular time.

What’s interesting to me is being able to spot the bonus rounds that give a better payout experience. John Silver’s Loot seems to give consistent wins.

Be careful in using these statistics to help you bet. The game is just like a slot machine, designed to give lots of small wins and an occasional big win. Spotting that in the statistics is impossible and having the thought that a big win is due, and making bets with that in mind is only asking for trouble!

Game Result Statistics

stats game results

Bonus Round Statistics

bonus results

Gem Multiplier Statistics

gem statistics

Treasure Island an Optimal Playing Strategy

Pragmatics Treasure Island has lots of betting opportunities and, therefore, many strategies you can adopt when playing.

You can make the strategies as simple or complicated as you want.

Your primary strategy should not be about winning, although we all want that when playing Treasure Island. Your first thought should be about bankroll management and how long you want to play for.

Treasure Island is effectively like a slot game. You place your bet, the wheel spins, and you get a result. The result may be a win – either more or less than you bet or a total loss. Then there’s the time when you get a bonus round – which can pay less or more than you bet. Sometimes, you’ll get a profit. It’s these profits that help maintain your bankroll!

So you either play the parts of the game where you’re more likely to profit on your wins, but they don’t happen that often. Or you play the parts where you get regular wins, like the gems, but your bankroll will decrease slowly. Or you play a bit of both to get the best of both worlds, or just bet on everything!

Using the Statistics to Create Your Strategy

The statistics from the game results show you which results occur the most and the average payouts – so it’s relatively easy to see which positions win the most and what the likely bet/win ratio will be.

This will tell you that betting just on these options is a losing strategy, as you’ll never make big enough wins to cover your losses.

So don’t follow the statistics blindly; you need to be far more subtle in your betting strategy.

How you should bet

I’ve mentioned before that this game is just like a slot, so i think you need to bet like you would with any slot game.

That means making sure you have a bet on all parts of the game, even if they are small bets, consider the Total as one bet.

If you think and behave like this you take part in all aspects of the game, and be in with a chance of getting a decent payout when they happen. Again, the decent wins don’t happen that often, so make sure your total bet is a small proportion of your bankroll.

Treasure Island is a game of Bonus Rounds, so not playing them isn’t an option. The gems are an integral part of the game, and while you can ignore them, they are the features that win the most often, so you’ll lose more quickly of you don’t play them.

Treasure Island Tips and Tricks

Here are a few Tips and Tricks and not quite cheats for Treasure Island. They’re obvious things worth repeating to ensure you get the best out of your playing time.

The best tip I can give you is no strategy will guarantee you can win or any strategy that will make a win more likely to happen.

This game has been created to deliver an RTP in the range of 96%, which is okay but not great for those seeking good profits. For that, you need to play Blackjack or Craps.

As far as tips go, follow these.

  1. Use Auto Play if you’re repeating the same bet. You can select how many game rounds, right up to 100.
  2. The game is structured to deliver lots of bonus rounds. On average, you should get one every 3 to 4 spins.
  3. Most wins will be small. The Bonus wins, for the most part, will also be small, but they have the potential to pay big, so make sure you’re playing them.
  4. If you’re not winning, take a break. The game is designed for you to lose in the long term, so don’t be surprised when that happens.
  5. Play for enjoyment only – winning is nice, but don’t count on it happening often.

The Best time to play Treasure Island

There’s no right or wrong time of the day to play Treasure Island.

Player numbers are the biggest during the evening, but as the game is available worldwide, players are always playing. You can see how many if you look in the lobby as you load the game.

The best time to play is when you have time to sit and enjoy the experience. The dealers are very chatty and always have something to say for themselves, so use the opportunity to chat with them. They’ll like you more for it!

Is there a Treasure Island hack or cheat?

Sadly, there are no cheats or hacks for playing Treasure Island. If there were, the game would soon be removed.

No technology or strategy can give you an advantage, so don’t think there is a way to cheat the game. It’s just not possible.

Treasure Island free play

Free play is not available for Pragmatic Treasure Island. The only way to play is for real money.

Treasure Island Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you play Treasure Island?

There are Nine betting positions, with five giving instant wins and four bonus rounds. A 54-segment wheel containing sectors for each betting spot is spun. The segment where the wheel stops is declared the winner. Players with bets on that sector either win an immediate payout or entry to one of the bonus rounds, where the prizes are often greater.

What is the biggest win on Treasure Island?

The highest payout in the game is in the Billy Bones’ Map Bonus round, which has a maximum payout of 15,450:1.

How often does Captain’s Flint Treasure hit?

The Captain Flint’s Treasure Bonus round occupies one segment on the 54-segment wheel and will hit about 1.85% of the time or, on average, 1 in 54 spins.

How does Ben’s Lost Marbles work?

Ben’s Lost Marbles uses a pachinko/pinball-style machine into which marbles are poured. As they work their way down to the bottom they hit pins and collection points, which turn the marbles into gems. Each collection point is assigned a gem multiplier and can catch up to ten marbles. The marbles are converted into gems, and the total payout is calculated from the number of converted marbles and the gem multipliers.

What is the RTP of Treasure Island?

The RTP of Treasure Island is between 96.50% and 96.56%.

When should I bet on Treasure Island?

Ideally, you should bet on every spin and every betting position, as that will ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to get a winning spin. If you’re betting on every position, you will win, but if you don’t gamble every time, you may miss a bonus round that gives a good payout, and you’d kick yourself for that!

What is Special about Pragmatic Play Treasure Island?

It’s a game show with Nine betting positions, six of which are bonus rounds. So you’re never far away from achieving a mega win!

How often do the Bonus Rounds occur?

A bonus round should occur on average every four game rounds. Sometimes, it will be long, and you often get two back-to-back.

Where can I play Treasure Island?

You can play Pragmatic Play Treasure Island Live at any Pragmatic Live Casino.

Is there a strategy for Playing Treasure Island?

There is no real strategy for playing Treasure Island, regardless of what others may try to have you believe with their systems and strategy guides. The best strategy is to bet small and closely monitor your bankroll. Cover all bet spots for the best chance to win.

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Treasure Island is by far the biggest of Pragmatic Play live games shows. But being the biggest doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best.

The studio design is first-class, as is the use of graphics and sound. The ship/desert island theme works well, giving a truly immersive playing experience.

I’ve become a bit weary of these gameshows, as each new one seems to be trying to outdo the last one released.

Treasure Island has gone Bonus Round mad. It’s understandable to go this way because everyone loves a bonus round, right?

But the truth is a bonus round should happen rarely, and when they happen, they should be cherished – big win or not.

Bonus rounds here appear on average every four spins, so you don’t get any sense of anticipation, and when they arrive, they generally deliver poor results. Can you imagine designing a slot like this? No, I thought not!

The use of RNG is overplayed, but I understand it’s easier to control the RTP and get signoff from the regulators. Many more parts of this game could be live, but it wouldn’t improve the experience if they were.

I’m not saying this is a bad game, as it’s not. A lot is happening, too much at times. The multipliers constantly changing is a nice touch, but it means there’s no constant in part of the game where players would like one, which makes playing strategies useless. Just play everything and hope your bankroll lasts until a big win drops.

Sadly, I don’t think bigger means better. The game’s low volatility will suit low rollers and players who like to grind, but high rollers will likely tire playing quite quickly and won’t return. They’ll head back to Sweet Bonanza Candyland and Crazy Time.

Recommended Reading

There is a whole range of wheel-driven games you can play.

  1. Evolution started it all with Dreamcatcher and then added a bonus round to create Monopoly Live.
  2. Playtech introduced us to Adventures Beyond Wonderland in response to Evolutions Crazy Time.
  3. Pragmatic entered the fray with Sweet Bonanza Candyland, followed by Boom City Live – a dice-inspired game.
  4. Funky Time, Jumanji and Snakes & Ladders have all been released into a niche that’s suddenly become very crowded.