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LiveGames Live Casino Software


LiveGames is a Live Games developer offering Business to Business solutions to online casino operators.

Founded in 2015 with their live casino studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine, LiveGames offers Live Tombola and Live Roulette with Live Dealer and Autoplay as an option.

They offer their games to over 30 service providers worldwide, with almost 1000 global operators accessing them.

Their flagship product is Tombola, a Turkish version of bingo, where it’s possible to play 135 cards with a 90-ball draw.

A core USP is the green screen technology that LiveGames uses, which enables Operators to brand and promote specific games, tailoring the playing experience to their players. This can include information on specific promotional campaigns and displaying advertising videos direct to their players.

Another innovation is the portrait-only mode for the Roulette table on mobile and desktop.

In this review, I’ll cover Tombola and Roulette in a bit more detail and explain more about the games, and you’ll be able to watch a video of me exploring and demonstrating each game.

livegames live casino software

LiveGames Live Casino at A Glance

  • 2 Live Roulette Tables
  • 2 Live Tombola – 1 Live Tombola and 1 Tombola Lucky Box, Tombola Auto and Tombola Auto Speed.
  • 3 Live Auto Roulette – 1 Live Auto Roulette, 1 Live Auto VIP and 1 Live Auto Speed Roulette.
  • Table languages – English and Turkish. Interface languages include English, Turkish, Brazilian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Russian and Uzbek.
  • Markets covered: Europe, LATAM, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
  • All games are certified by the GLI.

First Impressions of LiveGames

This is an interesting one for me as LiveGames doesn’t have the usual array of live casino games I’m used to seeing.

Granted, they have Roulette, but Tombola is new to me, as are some of the other titles in their games lobby. It’s taken me a while to understand the games and form an opinion fully.

First, I’m delighted that a live casino operator isn’t staking their reputation on the golden three games, Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette.

Tombola is by far the most popular game LiveGames produces, so I’ve spent more time playing this than the other games.

However, their Live Roulette is engaging. They present the game in a way others don’t on the desktop. Because it’s different doesn’t make it worse, so in my review, I’ll break this down to see its impact on the playing experience.

LiveGames Live Casino Overview Video

I visit each game in this video review of LiveGames, explaining briefly how the game is played and highlighting some of the playing options.

livegames live casino review video

LiveGames Tombola

livegames tombola
live tombola on mobile

Tombola is the most popular game in LiveGames’s catalogue. It’s a Turkish version of Bingo, with a presenter drawing up to 90 balls from a bingo machine.

The game’s objective is to bet on a selection of bingo cards in the hope that you’ll be the first to complete one line, two lines or a complete card and win a payout. Completing lines before a specific number of balls are drawn can boost payouts considerably.

Each line on a card contains five numbers, and an entire card has 15 numbers.

Many betting options include individual bets based on the card’s colour and specific bets on specific cards. These additional bets all have higher payouts than the main Cards bets.

There are 135 cards to choose from, broken down into batches of  25 cards for colours Red, Blue, Green, Ocean, and Yellow and ten cards for Purple.

The presenter pulls balls from the Tombola Bingo machine, as the cards in the playing interface auto-sort with the cards needing the least numbers to complete a line or card shown first.

The game round ends when one of the cards is completed with numbers.

Rewards include:

  • First Line – 5 numbers. Pays 13x
  • Second Line – 5 numbers. Pays 26x
  • Tombola – Full card. Pays 33x
  • First Line in 15 Balls. Pays 150x
  • Tulum – Where your card wins first line and second line and Tombola. Pays 300x.
  • First Line in 5 Balls. Pays 500x.

A Jackpot, seeded by a small amount of a player’s bet, can be won if a card is completed within the first 44 balls drawn. If this occurs, 80% of the value of the Jackpot is paid to the player or shared if more than one player has won.

Cashback is a feature which pays if a player is the first to play 150 game rounds without winning. 80% of the cashback pool, seeded from players’ bets, is paid to winning (losing) players.

Bonuses are automatically applied when you bet on more than five cards. 20% of your bet is immediately available to buy more cards.

The RTP is 86%.

Auto Tombola

Auto Play Tombola

Auto Speed Tombola

Auto Play Speed Tombola

Tombola also comes in two Autoplay options. Both of these are RNG games that play the same as Live Tombola. They are much quicker games, with the Speed version being much quicker than the Autoplay version.

LiveGames Live Roulette

livegames roulette

How LiveGames presents its roulette is entirely different from how other suppliers do on Desktop. Typically in Desktop mode, you get a fully immersive experience, with the wheel and presenter dominating the screen view.

However, Live Games presents the view of the dealer and wheel in Portrait mode on the Desktop, effectively mirroring the viewing experience you get on a Mobile device.

At first, it looks a bit odd because it’s different – but the camera angles on the wheel are good, and the close-up views are excellent, focusing just on the wheel. There is lots of room in the playing interface for the betting grid, Race track, and a good selection of statistics.

  • European single Zero Roulette
  • Huxley Roulette wheel
  • Betting Grid and Racetrack to place bets.
  • Favourite and Special Bet options
  • Statistics for the wheel’s Hot/Cold and Zones up to the last 500 spins.
  • Heat Map displayed on the main Betting Grid.
  • It’s not possible to bet using statistics.
  • Branded Tables.

mobile roulette

LiveGames Lobby

livegames lobby

Games lobbies are often overlooked, but a lot of work goes into them, ensuring the games you want to play are presented in the best possible way.

Livegames presents the game in a sortable format by game type or the most popular.

Each game tile displays the game and the stage of the game. This is useful, as it helps to know whether you’ve got a long wait for the next game round or how quickly you need to act to participate in the next game.

The game tiles don’t show the dealer currently at the table. They are stock images, so who the dealer is will be a surprise.

LiveGames Review Summary

While LiveGames doesn’t have a massive selection of games, what they have are innovative and fun to play.

Tombola is the main game for Live games, with three ways to play – Live with a presenter and two auto-play versions, both quick games to play.

European roulette is unique in how the game is presented, with a portrait mode view of the dealer and wheel when using a desktop, making it stand out from its peers.

The lobby is simple and presents the games in a clear and unfussy manner. I like the stock images on the game tiles. They look clear, professional and welcoming.