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Fresh Deck Studios

There seems to be a new Live Casino Operator on the block, Fresh Deck Studios. But there is very little information about them. I do a little bit of digging to see if I can work out what’s going on.

fresh deck studios

Fresh Deck Studios Review & Investigation

Fresh Deck Studios have seemingly appeared from nowhere.

A new provider normally launches with a bit of a fanfare, and certainly attends the industry conferences, like ICE in early February, where ALL the live casino providers, new and existing play their wares.

According to the Fresh Deck Studio Website, it launched in 2019, by a team of igaming professionals

Doing a search online, a number of news sites and online platforms have written reviews about them and their games.

However, the information has been lifted from the website with no other corroborating information.

The lack of information about who owns the company, the licensing they have and contact details make me believe that all is not as it seems.

How can a company launch, have a website, do no obvious advertising, have no way of being contacted, and yet still have some customers? Strange indeed.

Running the Demo

The website has a demo option, so I entered my details to unlock access.

What did I find?

fresh deck studios lobby

The lobby has a nice modern feel and design, with four games listed, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Casino Hold’em, the staple games in a live casino.

Diving into the games, it appears they are streamed from three studios.

And at least one looked very familiar to me, as did the playing interface for the tables.

But the playing interface isn’t the same one across all of the games?

Now that’s unusual unless of course, Fresh Deck Studios isn’t a games developer, but an aggregator of other live casino suppliers products.

And that’s what I think we have here. We have a supplier of live casino games, that’s taken the solution from other providers and created a central lobby to present the games.

They offer some other services and white label solutions for designing casino websites.

So who’s are the games?

Most of the games are provided by LuckyStreak. It’s their tables, dealers, and streams that are being used.

LuckyStreak themselves partner with another studio to provide some Baccarat tables so that accounts for two of the studios you see.

A third studio and a fourth studio hosting Casino Hold’em are a mystery to me at the moment and could be coming from anywhere. I don’t recognise them, so if anyone does please let me know.

Are these games safe to play?

If I saw these games on a casino website, I’d certainly be curious, but I’d want to know a bit more about the operation and what’s behind them. The lack of information on the website is troubling for me, and that raises a red flag.

I know Luckystreak, but as their games are being fronted by someone else, you can’t guarantee what will happen if there are issues and who would take responsibility.

As a player, this would concern me.

Fresh Deck Studios Blackjack

Blackjack is provided by LuckyStreak.

It’s a Vegas Rules game played with an 8 deck shoe. Side bets of 21+3 and Perfect Pair are optional.

Fresh Deck Studios Baccarat

I don’t know who provides the Baccarat.

It’s a fairly standard version, with an 8 Deck Shoe and Big/Small, Pairs, and Payer/banker Bonus side Bets.

Ties pay 8:1.

Fresh Deck Studios Casino Hold’em

fresh deck studios casino hold'em

Casino Hold’em is a one deck poker game, with the Aces or Better Side bet.

Again, I don’t know where this is streamed from or who provides the software, but the game is played to normal Casino Hold’em Rules.

Fresh Deck Studios Roulette

fresh deck studios euro roulette

Fresh Deck Studios Roulette is provided by Lucky Streak.

Fresh Deck Studios Live Dealer Summary

It’s really difficult to comment about what I think, or even if I’d recommend anyone to play the games provided by Fresh Deck Studios.

I don’t know who they are and there is no information about them.

Are they legitimate? – I’ve no idea.

Are the games ok – probably as they are provided by someone else!

It would be great if someone from Fresh Deck Studios or anyone that knows of them could contact me, so I can provide a bit more context and relevant information about them.

Having seen them on some affiliate sites I’d say that they operate in the grey markets and the nonregulated US facing online casinos – which may be the reason for the secrecy.

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