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Evolution Funky Time Live Review, Strategy and How to Play

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Introduction to Evolution Funky Time

Funky Time Live is the new long-awaited gameshow from Evolution. It follows the same concept as Crazy Time, with a giant spinning wheel providing multiplier wins and access to one of four bonus rounds.

If you like the 1970s, you’ll love the Funky Time theme. With disco music, glitter balls and flare-wearing game presenters, you’ll be transported back in time to re-live the sights and sounds of the 70s.

There are more multipliers than ever in Funky Time, and with twenty-four of the 64 segments on the wheel paying a healthy 25:1, there’s a chance you’ll get some excellent payouts.

The maximum win is capped at £$€500,000, with the maximum multiplier on Stayin’ Alive, Disco and VIP Disco Bonus games a massive 10,000x.

In this review, I’ll explain how to play Funky Time and, with the help of analysing some of the game data, look at some betting and playing strategies. Of course, I’ll include a video review with the bonus rounds in action and look at how Funky Time compares with Crazy Time.

Funky Time Live At A Glance

Let’s take a look at what makes up Funky Time. I’ll discuss each point in greater detail further in the review. But this should give you the gist of what the game is all about.

The main game mechanic is a big wheel containing 64 segments. It’s a new type of wheel that uses Led panels to display the layout of the segments & multipliers of the wheel. It’s called a Digiwheel – more on that later.

On the wheel, there are:

  • 28 Number One segments on the wheel that pay 1:1.
  • 24 Letter Segments pay 25:1.
  • 12 Bonus Round Segments give access to four types of Bonus rounds (Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco & VIP Disco).
  • Random multipliers up to 50x can be sprinkled across the wheel, boosting initial payouts for individual segments.
  • The Bar & Stayin’, Alive Bonus rounds are interactive and require players to choose a playing position before the game begins.
  • The maximum payout for the whole game is capped at £$€500,000.
  • The multipliers on the Stayin’ Alive, Disco and VIP Disco Bonus rounds are capped at 10,000x.
  • The over RTP of Funky Time is 95.99%, with the RTP range for the individual elements of the game between 95.38% – 95.99%.
  • An unlimited number of players can play.
  • Auto Play is available to make repeat betting easier and allow the setting of limits for managing wins and losses.

Funky Time Live
funky time stayin alive

Who Funky Time will Appeal To!

Funky Time will appeal to everyone who likes a bit of entertainment, funky graphics and a 70s music vibe.

I’d say it’s more suited to people who enjoy playing Slots more than table games. The main reason is the heavy use of RNG during the game and the lack of proper decision-making by the players. If I were to describe the game, I’d say it’s a cross between Roulette and a slot with many Bonus rounds.

Low-stakes bettors will love playing as you can win a sizable amount for a small bet, while high-stakes players will be challenged not to bet too much, chasing the big potential wins.

Like Crazy Time, players will love or hate this game, which is the ideal mix to keep players returning for more.

I enjoyed playing Funky Time, but it wasn’t a game that kept me on the edge of my seat. I left it running on Auto Play in the background, looking up only when the Bonus rounds appeared. The Bonus rounds didn’t occur as often as I thought they would, with most results being either the number 1 or a Letter. This is the frustrating part of the game that I talked about.

I’m not a fan – Crazy Time set the bar high, and I believe Funky Time hasn’t reached it.

How To Play Funky Time Live

Your objective is to place a bet on a segment or segments on the wheel in the hope the presenter spins the wheel and it stops on one of the segments you have bet on.

If it does, you win!

There are two types of segments –

  1. Segments that pay an instant win – the Number One segment and the Letter Segments.
  2. Segments that trigger a bonus round where the prize will be a multiplier value.

Let’s look at the wheel and segments in a bit more detail.

The Funky Time DigiWheel

The DigiWheel is a physical wheel divided into 64 segments. The face of the wheel is made up of LED panels, which are used to display the images of the segments. Think of the wheel as a rotating television screen. The technology allows images to be shown on the wheel that can be updated with additional information, like multipliers, while the wheel is spinning.

The other cool thing is the images keep their orientation as the wheel spins. They display just like printed images on a standard wheel.

Did you know the Digiwheel was built just for the Funky Time Game? It has more segments than a standard wheel – 64 instead of 54 Segments on a regular wheel like Dreamcatcher or Monopoly Live. The reason? Quite simply, to offer more multipliers and make the payouts even bigger!

funky time digiwheel

The segments of the wheels are divided into the following categories:

Number one occupies 28 segments in seven blocks of four.

The Letters occupy 24 segments and are arranged in six blocks of four, with the blocks spelling out FUNK, PLAY and TIME. There are two segment blocks for each word.

Twelve segments are used for four Bonus Rounds. The BAR Bonus Round has six, STAYIN’ ALIVE has two, DISCO has three, and VIP DISCO has one. All the segments are distributed evenly around the wheel.

Betting On Funky Time

There are 20 seconds of betting time. Fortunately, Evolution has provided some quick bet facilities that allow you to place multiple bets with the press of one button. You need to decide the bet value, and away you go.

It’s possible to bet on everything, but that may not be the wisest move, so I’ll discuss strategies later in this review.

For now, know that you can place bets on the following:

  • The Number One.
  • The Letters that make up the words FUNK, PLAY and TIME.
  • Each of the Bonus round segments of BAR, STAYIN’ ALIVE, DISCO and VIP DISCO.

The quick bet has options to place bets on all twelve letters and all Bonus Rounds in one click. You can see how Evolution would like you to bet!

Don’t Forget Auto Play!

The Auto Play function will repeat the same bet for up to 100 spins of the wheel, assuming you have the bank balance to support that many spins. You can set win and loss limits, so this is a useful feature to help you manage your bankroll and not miss any spins. Of course, this is only useful if you like to repeat your previous bets.

Funky Time betting
Funky Time presenter at wheel

Presenter Spins The Wheel – with mystery multipliers!

Once betting time has closed, the game presenter prepares to spin the wheel.

There are two things to note here. Firstly the wheel direction changes for each spin. One spin will be clockwise, and the next will be counter-clockwise.

Secondly, random multipliers (between 2x and 50x) can be sprinkled across the wheel, landing on some segments. These will multiply the payouts of those segments should the wheel stop on them. This applies to the instant win segments and also the Bonus round segments. It’s these multipliers that will have a significant impact on payouts in this game.

Funky Time mystery multipliers

The Result

The result of the spin will either be an instant win – so that would be the wheel stopping on a Number One segment or one of the Letter segments. If you’ve got an active bet on the segment where it stops, you win!

If the wheel stops on one of the Bonus segments, those players with an active bet on the segment will enter the Bonus round. Those players that haven’t will be able to watch the Bonus round as it unfolds.

Funky Time win

The Funky Time Bonus Rounds

There are four Bonus rounds in Funky Time Live:

  1. BAR
  3. DISCO

The bonus rounds deliver multipliers on your entry bet as the prize.

The BAR and STAYIN’ Alive rounds have some player participation, i.e. you must choose between three options at the beginning of the bonus round.

RNG (Random Number Generator) drives the rest of the rounds and elements in them – so you’re essentially just watching as the games unfold, hoping you win a nice big multiplier.

Remember, if there were a multiplier on the bonus segment on the Digiwheel, that would be applied to the winnings from the bonus round!

The BAR Bonus Round

The BAR Bonus round consists of a Robot Bar Tender standing behind three mocktail glasses at a bar.

You must choose one mocktail from the Blue, Yellow and Purple glasses.

The bartender begins to pour the drinks as random multipliers between 2x and 20x are assigned to each glass. This will be your prize.

As the mocktails are poured, a single slot reel spins behind the bartender, revealing another multiplier, which gets randomly awarded to one of the glasses, multiplying the value of the multiplier for that glass! That’s a lot of multipliers there!

The round ends when the glasses are full. You get paid the multiplier value for the glass you choose at the start after any qualifying multipliers, if there are any, are applied to your drink.

Funky Time Stayin BAR Bonus Round win


The STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus round, named after the wonderful song by the Bee Gees from the Saturday Night Fever film and Album, is about staying in the game for as long as you can while climbing up a ladder filled with increasing multipliers on each step. The further you climb, the bigger the multiplier – up to 10,000x!

The bonus round has three ladders, Green, Purple and Orange. You must pick one to be your ladder. If you don’t, the system will choose one for you.

Each ladder contains twenty levels. Level 1 is 5x, representing the default payout. Level 2 is 10x, Level 3 – 15x, Level 4 – 20x, Level 5 – 25x, Level 6 – 30x, Level 7 – 40x, level 8 – 50x, Level 9 – 60x, Level 10 – 70x, Level 11 – 100x, Level 12 – 150x, Level 13 – 200x, Level 14 – 250x, Level 15 – 300x, Level 16 – 500x, Level 17 – 600x, level 18 – 700x, Level 19 – 800x, Level 20 – 1000x.

Each ladder also has four lives. The game is over when all lives on all ladders have been lost.

A bingo ball drawing style machine containing 90 coloured balls is the primary mechanism to move you up the ladder.

  • If the presenter draws a Black STOP Ball, a life is lost for all players on all ladders.
  • A 1 Step Ball in Green, Orange or Pink will advance the corresponding ladder up one level.
  • A 2 Step Ball in Green, Orange or Pink will advance the corresponding coloured ladder up two levels.

The balls continue to be drawn until four Stop Balls have been picked, thus losing all the lives.

The price you receive will equal the value of the multiplier on the last level on your ladder before the final STOP ball is drawn.

Remember, the multipliers on the ladders could be increased if there was a qualifying multiplier on the bonus segment on the Digiwheel. In that case, all multipliers will be multiplied by that amount at the start of the game round.

Funky Time Stayin Alive Bonus Round
Funky Time Stayin Alive Bonus Round Win


The Disco Bonus rounds are reminiscent of the Disco Dancing Arcade machines, where you battle with your friends to complete complex dance moves on a 3×3 dance floor.

While that challenge hasn’t been replicated, the concept of the dance floor and its moves have.

In Funky Time Live, there are two dance floors. The one used for the DISCO Round is thirty-seven squares, while the DISCO VIP dance floor has sixty-three.

Each Bonus round operates similarly, with the win potential more significant in the VIP Disco due to the bigger disco floor.

The objective is for Mr Funky to dance across the dance floor, picking up multipliers as he goes. The bonus round is over when Mr Funky falls off the dance floor.

The game starts with Mr Funky in the middle of the dance floor, with every tile covered with a multiplier. If there is a qualifying multiplier from the Digiwheel, it’s applied to the dance floor multipliers at this point.

The presenter spins a small wheel containing eight segments, depicting four directions, Left, Right, Up and Down. Wherever the wheel stops is the direction Mr Funky has to dance—moving one square per spin.

Collecting Multipliers

There are two types of multipliers he can collect:

  1. Regular Multipliers cover each square. In the Disco, these range between 1 and 100x, while in the VIP Disco, the multipliers range between 1 and 500x. When he lands on one, the multiplier is picked up and added to the total.
  2. Floor multipliers, which, when landed on, will double five random multipliers already on the disco floor.

The round continues with the presenter spinning the wheel and Mr Funky dancing the night away, collecting multipliers until one direction arrow drops him off the floor.

Funky Time disco Bonus Round
Funky Time VIP disco Bonus Round

Funky Time Odds, Payouts and RTP

A lot is going on in Funky Time, and with multiple parts to the game, there is a range of payouts and RTPs.

The overall optimal RTP is published at 95.99%. The Number 1 bet delivers the optimal RTP when you look closer at the figures.

All other parts of the game deliver within the 95% range, including the VIP Disco Bonus, with an acceptable 95.38%.

The RTP tells me Funky Time is a balanced game, but it’s also quite volatile, meaning you’ll get lots of smaller and occasional big wins.

Almost a third of the wheel delivers a 25:1 payout for one of the LETTERS. There are 24 Letters, each paying 25:1 – so if you’re betting on all letters, your return will be approximately 1:1 if it hits every spin. But it won’t hit every spin, so be careful of this bet.

SegmentNumber of
Spins to Hit
Number 128Yellow1 – 50:195.99%43.75%2.28 Spins
LETTERS FUNK8Red25 – 1250:195.49%37.50%2.66 spins
LETTERS PLAY8Orange25 – 1250:195.49%37.50%2.66 spins
LETTERS TIME8Pink25 – 1250:195.49%37.50%2.66 spins
BAR Bonus6Greenupto 500,00095.98%9.375%10.66 Spins
STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus2Light Blueupto 500,00095.49%3.125%32 Spins
DISCO Bonus3Purpleupto 500,00095.51%4.68%21.36 Spins
VIP DISCO Bonus1Scarlettupto 500,00095.38%1.56%64.10 Spins


Payouts are capped for the whole game at £$€500,000, with the maximum multiplier being allowed of 10.000x on STAYIN’ ALIVE, DISCO and VIP DISCO bonus rounds.

Number 1 has the highest probability of being hit every 2.28 spins, closely followed by a Letter at 2.66 spins.

Expect, on average, to hit the VIP Disco every 64 Spins.

Playing And Betting Strategies To Win on Funky Time

Before we get into Funky Time strategies, I want to highlight some things about this game.

The game is designed as an entertainment game. You should enjoy watching it as much as you like playing it.

The Instant win segments on the wheel give predictable payouts for 52 Segments on the wheel. The minimum you’ll win is 1:1, while it will be possible to win 1250x + if the mystery multiplier boosts one of the Letters with a 50x multiplier. Otherwise, you’ll get 25:1.

These two segment types will come in the most often and, therefore, where most of the wins will occur – so bear that in mind when considering your strategy.

But the game is really about the Bonus Rounds. The bonus round with the most potential of a big multiplier win is the VIP DISCO, followed closely by DISCO and STAYIN’ ALIVE.

BAR will likely deliver small wins like Coin Flip in Crazy Time.

The Bonus Rounds account for 18.75% of the segments on the wheel, giving an average chance of being hit every 5.33 Spins. BAR will be the most likely, and VIP DISCO the least likely.

Three Funky Time Betting Strategies

A unit is any amount you are comfortable betting. It could be 0.10 or 0.20, or even 1. Some players will be betting 10’s.

The golden rule is only bet what you can afford to lose and only bet 5% of your bankroll in any one spin.

  1. Bet On Everything Strategy

If you bet on all segments on the wheel, you’ll be playing 17 Bets. Let’s say each bet is one unit, which means you’ll need to get a 16:1 win to break even. At least 43% of the time that won’t happen as you’ll win 1:1 on Number 1. 37% of the time, you’ll get a 25:1 return, which isn’t enough to offset the losses from the Number 1 wins. You need a bonus win, which should happen every 5-6 spins to make up the difference. But we know Funky Time is streaky, meaning you can’t rely on averages over a short period, so you’ll usually lose your bankroll if you bet this way.

  1. Bet On The Instant Win Segments

This is possibly the least palatable of the strategies. You’re ignoring the Bonus Rounds and concentrating on the Instant Wins, hoping to get boosting multipliers to make it worthwhile. This strategy will likely keep your bankroll turning over a few times but relies on you leaving the game once you have made a profit.

My advice is to make bets so that whatever wins, you at least get your money back. That means a bet on Number 1 of 6 units and six of the letters is 6 Units, which equals a total bet of 12 units. If Number 1 Wins, you get 12 back; if a letter comes in, you get 25:1 (a profit of 13 units). But you’re only covering 62% of the wheel, so you’ll lose eventually unless you get a win with a multiplier boost. As soon as you profit from this one, you should stop playing!

  1. Bet on some of the Segments and all Bonus Rounds

Take the bet you just made above and add the four bonus rounds. Increase the Number I bet to 10 Units. This relies on the Bonus rounds being hit at least every 5 or 6 spins. Anything more, and you start getting into trouble covering the losses of the six Letters you’ve not bet on. Fortunately, only 12 segments (18.75%) of the wheel are not covered. This is my favoured strategy and the one I’d recommend.

Funky Time BAR Strategy

In the BAR bonus round, you’re faced with picking one glass from three. As strategies go, this is a bit of a coin flip. Each drink will be given a multiplier once the picks are made, so there is no way to determine which will be the highest before then. Either pick the same one each time or choose a random one. What you can be sure of is you’ll end up picking the wrong one!


This bonus round also requires you to choose between three ladders. The ladders all have the same initial value, and as the game proceeds, your prize is determined by the drawing of balls from a bingo-style machine. There is no RNG in this game. The results are physical and random. As such, no strategy will help you here unless you’re superstitious about the colours of the ladders. This bonus round and result are all down to chance and luck.

DISCO and VIP DISCO Strategy

These two bonus rounds are pure RNG. There is no player participation or choices to be made. You sit back, watch the bonus round unfold and hope it delivers a decent multiplier win. There is no strategy to be had here other than keeping your fingers crossed and hoping lady luck smiles on you.

Funky Time Statistics & Result Tracking

The Results and Statistical information in the game over the last 500 game rounds.

You can track the previous results using the information displayed, which shows the result of the last spin, either the Number 1, a Letter or a Bonus Rund.

There is no information on the payouts for the bonus rounds – you usually have to ask in Chat, and the moderator will tell you when the last big win was.

Historical information on the Bonus Rounds is limited to the last 500 rounds. If you want more, use one of the Funky Time Results Tracker websites.

I would say that while the past results information is interesting, it has no bearing on future results. So be careful using the data as it can and will lull you into a false sense of being able to predict future outcomes – which in a random game is impossible.

I was playing on a desktop during the review and didn’t find a way to scroll past the first forty-eight results.

Funky Time Statistics

Tips For Beginners

Funky Time is one of the Game Shows where you can lose your bankroll very quickly if you start betting big and hope to hit a big multiplier win.

Funky Time will deliver lots of small wins and, occasionally, some decent multiplier wins.

So here are my top tips for beginners and anyone seeking a long play time without risking much of their bankroll.

  1. The Number 1 and Letters bets will deliver the most consistent and regular wins. You already know these payouts, so you can manage your bankroll easily by knowing precisely what you’ll lose and win.
  2. Don’t expect the bonus rounds to deliver decent multiplier wins consistently. They won’t. They are highly volatile and designed to make you play them, hoping to win big every time. You won’t. So bet small on these.
  3. Betting on just the Bonus rounds is a losing strategy – don’t do it.
  4. Spread your bets around so you get some action on all parts of the game – it keeps your interest and hopefully gives you more enjoyment.
  5. Past results are NOT an indicator of what will happen in the future. Be careful when looking at the results history and game trackers.
  6. Don’t read the Chat – all you’ll see are losing players complaining the game is fixed, the wheel is controlled, or some other stupid comments.

Pros and Cons of Funky Time


  • The Funky Time wheel has more segments than a regular money wheel game, giving bigger and more payouts.
  • You can bet from as little as 0.10 a spin, but you’re more likely to bet between 0.50 and 1.00 a spin.
  • An unlimited number of players play simultaneously, giving a sense of community play and betting.
  • Unless players bet precisely the same, it’s possible to have a completely different playing experience from other players.
  • Two bonus rounds allow players to choose a position in the game to follow- which is excellent in an RNG game.
  • There’s the possibility of winning a significant amount for a small initial wager.


  • The overall RTP of Funky TIme is 95.99%, which aligns with Slot payouts more than live games payouts, which are higher.
  • The game is relatively slow – which could be a PRO as you’re not losing money quickly – just slowly.
  • You need to place multiple bets to feel like you’re participating in all aspects of the game. This means you end up betting more money each game round.

Video Review

funky time video review

How Funky Time and Crazy Time Compare

There is a lot of discussion about comparing Funky Time and Crazy Time, so I thought it’s worth comparing the two games to see how they stack up against each other.

Both games are very similar in concept, with a big wheel delivering wins and access to four bonus rounds. In this respect, the two games look and play the same way.

  • The Crazy Time wheel has 54 Segments, while the Funky Time wheel has 64 Segments.
  • TCS John Huxley built the Crazy Time Wheel, and DigiWheel created the Funky Time Wheel.
  • The RTP of Crazy Time is 95.41%, while Funky Time delivers an RTP of 95.99%.
  • The chances of hitting the Crazy Time Bonus round is 1.85%, while the VIP DISCO is not as good at 1.56%.
  • RNG is used to determine the result in two of the Crazy Time Bonus rounds, while RNG is used in three of the Funky Time Bonus rounds.
  • There is a better chance of a 25:1 payout on Funky Time than on Crazy Time.
  • The maximum payout on each game is the same at £$€500,000.

Of course, the overwhelming question will be, which game is better?

My answer is simple – whichever one you enjoy playing the most!

Popular Gameshow Variations

Funky Time joins a long list of Live Dealer entertainment game shows, so if you enjoyed playing Funky Time, you could try one of these alternative games.

  1. Evolution Crazy Time tops the list because it is the best of the gameshows. It has a 54 Segment big wheel, with four bonus rounds.
  2. Adventures Beyond Wonderland is Playtech’s version, with a 54 Segment Big Wheel and four bonus rounds. It also has the Greatest Cards Show with a horizontal 54 Segment wheel and bonus rounds.
  3. Pragmatic Play has Mega Wheel, Sweet Bonanza Candyland with a 54 Segment Wheel, four bonus rounds, and Boom City, a dice-driven game show.
  4. StakeLogic has produced several multiplier games based on Roulette – Super Stake Roulette and Runner Runner Roulette.
  5. Digitain has produced Pirates Plunder, a 54 Segment 4 bonus round game.

Where You Can Play Funky Time Live

Funky Time Live is available at all casinos with Evolution live dealer games.

My personal Favourites are Leo Vegas and Bet Victor.


Funky Time Live is an excellent addition to Evolutions’ selection of live entertainment game shows.

It’s perhaps not as innovative as I hoped, as the game’s structure is similar to Crazy Time. The difference is the theme and a new 64-segment wheel.

The prizes are different – with more opportunities to win on the Funky Time wheel, thanks to the extra ten segments and how the segments are structured.

There are more bets to be placed – potentially more money to lose each spin. But on the flip side, the bonus rounds should be more frequent, and the instant payouts are more consistent at 1:1 and 25:1.

RNG is used more often in the Bonus rounds, somewhat taking the control away from natural outcomes, which I don’t think is good.

However, my genre is the 70’s disco theme, so I’m happy with that!

As for how the game plays, the bonus rounds are very volatile, delivering many smaller wins with the occasional big win.

Watch out for the multipliers on the Digwheel, as this is how the big wins are generated.

I didn’t enjoy Funky Time as much as I hoped.

There were periods in the game when I felt meh and flat. I think the game doesn’t build anticipation very well.

The multipliers on the wheel are hard to see, so you’re not as invested in the wheel’s outcome – you have to wait until it stops before realising if you’ve got anything special.

I also wasn’t prepared for how many non-bonus round wins there are, so while there are more segments, many results tended to be Number One or a Letter.

While the bonus rounds serve their purpose, the only one that got me going was Stay’in Alive. However, you can’t see the results of each ball very well, so you can’t track the result yourself and have to rely on the presenter/playing interface to tell you what’s happening.

These are all small things that gradually eroded my enjoyment.

Still, that’s just me. I’d encourage you to play to see if you like the game and whether I’m just being picky!

Remember to use a sensible betting strategy and to have fun while playing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Funky Time Live?

Funky Time is a live entertainment game show from Evolution, where you bet on the outcome of a giant spinning wheel. The prize segments include payouts of 1:1 and 25:1 or entry into one of four RNG bonus rounds. The maximum payout is £$€500,000 and 10,000x on three bonus rounds.

Is Funk Time Live Easy to Play?

Funky Time is easy to play. There are 17 Betting positions, four are for bonus rounds, and the remaining 13 are for instant win segments on the wheel. You place your bets on the betting positions and hope the wheel stops on a position where you have an active bet.

Does Funky Time Use RNG?

RNG is used in all the Bonus rounds but not to determine the result in the STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus Round. The multipliers scattered across the Digiwheel are generated by the RNG and the choice of segments they land on.

Is there a winning strategy for playing Funky Time?

You won’t find a winning strategy anywhere for Funky Time. Those people that say there are will be lying. There are, however, strategies to bet and play Funky Time to improve your chances of winning and enjoy the game more. I’ve written about them here.

What is the RTP of  Funky Time?

The overall RTP for Funky Time is 95.99%. The individual Bonus Rounds have the following RTPs. Number 1 – 95.99%, LETTERS – 95.49%, BAR – 95.90%, STAYIN’ ALIVE – 95.49%, DISCO – 95.51% and VIP DISCO – 95.38%.

What is the highest Payout on Funky Time?

The highest payout is £$€500,000. Three of the bonus rounds are capped at 10,000x. While there is no cap on other parts of the game, it’s unlikely they will ever be more than 10,000x because they don’t have the potential to be that large.

Where can I Play Funky Time?

You can play Funky Time at casinos with Evolution live dealer games. My personal favourite, and the one I recommend, is Leo Vegas.

Is Funky Time Better than Crazy Time?

While the games are similar, it’s difficult to choose between Funky Time and Crazy Time. Funky Time is volatile, like Crazy Time, but delivers more bonus rounds, which are also volatile. RTP-wise, the games are similar, so you’ll have a similar experience. There is no reason not to play both; they are both excellent.

Popular Funky Time Casinos


  • Evolution Crazy Time.
  • Dream Catcher and Monopoly Variations.
  • Cashback on all Bets – win or lose!

4 / 5 Stars


Get 50 Free Spins on Your 1st Deposit

First deposit only. 50 Free Spins. Minimum deposit 10. Each Free Spin valued at 0.10. No minimum withdrawals. T&Cs, Rewards and Game Play Policy applies.


  • Crazy Time Dream Catcher on Desktop and Mobile.
  • Monopoly Live And Dream Catcher Editions.
  • Special Crazy Time Promotion.

5 / 5 Stars


Up to €300 in Live Casino Welcome Bonus Offers

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Best CashBack Casino

  • Crazy Time Dream Catcher.
  • Monopoly Dream Catcher
  • Instant Withdrawals.
  • Stakes 0.10 – 2.5k.

4 / 5 Stars


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  • Crazy Time, Dream Catcher & Monopoly Live.
  • Dedicated Tables Live Dealer Tables.
  • Fantastic Regular Promotions.

4 / 5 Stars


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  • Crazy Time Dream Catcher.
  • Monopoly Dream Catcher
  • Stakes 0.10 – 2.5k.

4 / 5 Stars


Welcome Package up to €500 and 300 Free Spins

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