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Evolution Live Baccarat

evo baccarat video

Along with Blackjack and Roulette, Baccarat is considered one of the core live dealer games the best live casinos should have.

Much time and effort has gone into producing a range of Evolution Live Baccarat games that deliver a Macau-like gaming experience to players on Desktops, tablets and smartphones.

At the last count, they have produced eight different variants of Baccarat, including Dragon Tiger.

If you’re interested in Dragon Tiger, read my Dragon Tiger Review. I won’t be discussing it further here.



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What immediately strikes you as take your seat at one of the tables in the Baccarat Studio area is the classy gold and red opulence of the area.

Everything has been designed to look visually stunning with the decor giving hints of an Asian casino, perhaps somewhere in the Baccarat mecca of Macau.

Original bubbling water filled tubes have been complemented with beaded curtains, giving the appearing of running water behind the dealers.

If you want an area with an ambiance of calmness and serenity while you’re playing this will be hard to beat. The designers have done a really great job.

The addition of purple for the No Commission table and the sweeping lit Dragon and Tiger for the newest table really adds something extra.

Evolution’s Baccarat games all come with a common set of features:

  • Cards are dealt face down – the one exception is Speed Baccarat, where the cards are dealt face up for speed.
  • All tables have a wide choice of scoreboards: Bean Road, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road and Cockroach Road.
  • The Pairs Side bet is provided as default on all tables.
  • An 8 Deck Manual Dealing shoe is used. It is changed after 7 decks have been dealt.
  • The cards are manually shuffled by a dealers assistant at the table.

Configurable Game Options

All the games come with a full set of interactive Baccarat Road Maps that give full historical statistics of the current dealing shoe.

Side Bets, other than pairs, are configurable per casino.

Casinos have the option to set the TIE payout to 8:1 or 9:1.

Not all tables have multi-HD camera views.

Casinos can also choose to have their dedicated tables that can be configured to their specific requirements.

Good examples can be seen at the special VIP table at Leo Vegas.

Evolution Live Baccarat

Evolution Live Standard Baccarat

Standard Baccarat is the original Baccarat produced by Evolution and is the fore runner for all of the games.

You’ll see it referred to Baccarat A and Baccarat B in the lobby.

The table has one camera view of head on, with a closeup of the cards as they are revealed.

The playing interface comes with two viewing modes, full screen and mixed screen.

Evolution Live Speed Baccarat

Live Speed Baccarat was developed for the less traditional players that like a quick game.

Speed is certainly delivered with this version of Baccarat.

The cards are dealt face up with any third cards being dealt immediately if required.

The game rounds take 27 seconds which compares well to the 48 Seconds for Evolutions standard Baccarat games.

Evolution Live Baccarat Squeeze

Live Baccarat Squeeze was the first version “squeeze” version released by Evolution.

The dealer deals the cards face down.

The playing position (Player or Banker) that has the most bet on it will have the cards squeezed. The other hand is revealed before this takes place.

Both cards are then squeezed following the ritual of showing the short edge first followed by the long edge.

If the same amounts have been bet on both hands the dealer will squeeze the cards of both hands.

Evolution Live Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

Live Baccarat Controlled squeeze takes the squeezing of the cards from the dealer into the hands of the player.

A special glass inset in the table has been created with integrated cameras underneath.

The dealer deals the cards face down, through a bit of computer wizardry the players are shown computer generated images of each of the cards on the screen.

By using a mouse or a finger the player can pull back the edges of the cards to reveal their values.

There is time limit in which the player has to act after which the cards are automatically revealed.

The squeeze facility is available to all players, even those watching the table that haven’t placed a bet.

Evolution Live No Commission Baccarat

In the other versions of Evolution Live Baccarat a commission payment of 5% of banker wins is taken.

With No Commission Baccarat, no commission is paid on Banker wins. These are paid at even money rather than 0.95:1.

The other difference with the game is if the Banker wins with a hand value of 6.

If you’ve bet on that position and win, you’ll only be paid 50% of your stake back. This is where the game makes it’s edge.

To counter balance this there is an additional side bet called Super 6.

With Super 6 you can insure the Banker hand for getting a 6. If you do and it comes in you’ll be paid 15:1.

Evolution Lightning Baccarat

evolution launches live lightning baccarat

The world of multipliers has been bought to Baccarat with Evolution’s innovative Lightning Baccarat.

Up to five lightning cards are selected each game round, to have a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x applied to them if they appear during the game round.

Winnings are then multiplied by that amount during the payout process.

Multiple Lightning cards can be active each game round, giving some large cumulative total payouts.

A 20% fee is levied each game round to pay for the lightning cards. All other payouts remain the same.

Evolution Golden Wealth Baccarat

golden wealth baccarat

Golden Wealth Baccarat like Lightning Baccarat comes with an array of multiplier cards for each game round.

The difference between the two is Golden Wealth has five cards each game round, with multipliers of x2, x3, x5 or x8, while Lightning Baccarat can have up to five.

A 20% golden fee is added to all bets as a means for paying for the multipliers.

The RTP is a high 98.85%.

Evolution Peek Baccarat

Peek baccarat Cards Dealt

Peek Baccarat allows players to increase their initial bet by two or three times after the dealer has revealed between 1 and 4 cards after the initial deal.

A fee of 20% is taken on Banker and Player bets at the start of the game round.

The RTP is 98.80%.

Evolution Prosperity Tree Baccarat

Prosperity Tree Baccarat Prosperity 8 Cards

Prosperity Tree Baccarat is another game that’s been the multiplier treatment. If you want to compare it to another game, it’s been described as a friendlier version of Lightning Baccarat.

This has more to do with the number of multiplier cards you get each game round, which is eight and the regularity of when they appear.

Their values are less at 2x and 3x. The maximum payout for Player and Banker is 27:1, while Ties pay a whopping 3645:1.

The game has an RTP of 98.86%.

Evolution Dual Play Baccarat

evolution dual play baccarat

Dual Play Baccarat follows the popular trend set by Evolution’s Dual Play Roulette.

Real Baccarat play from a land-based casino is streamed online, allowing online players to play alongside real people sitting in a casino.

It’s not that widely available, with only one online casino currently offering this.

Grosvenor Casino streams a table from their London Victoria Casino.

The table layouts in the casinos are different from what you’re used to online, and you’ll play using the standard Evolution interface, regardless of what you see on the real table.

Evolution Salon Prive Baccarat

salon prive baccarat

Evolution Salon Prive Baccarat tables are reserved for very high rollers and are available for one player at a time.

Special options are available when playing on these tables. Players are given control of the choice or dealer, the shuffle, and the game speed.

Play on these tables is private, with other players not able to view what’s going on at the table.

This is certainly the best online private gaming experience online.

Evolution Baccarat Side Bets

There are a range of optional side bets that can be played alongside the main Baccarat hands.

All tables come with the Pairs Side Bet.

The other side bets are optional.

  • Pairs Side Bet – Bet on with the Banker or Player getting a Pair and you’ll win an 11:1 payout.
  • Perfect Pair – This will pay 25:1 if two identical cards (same number same suit) are dealt to either the player or Banker. If the Player and Banker both get dealt the same 200:1 is paid.
  • Player Bonus or Banker Bonus – This pays when the hand you’ve chosen wins with a natural 8 or 9 or by at least 4 points. Payouts range from 30:1 to 1:1 depending on difference between the two hands.
  • Super 6 – This is played on No Commission Baccarat and pays 15:1 if the Banker hand wins with a hand value of 6.

Live Baccarat Return To Player

The return to player for the main game is 98.94%.

Side Bet RTPs

  • Player/Banker  Pair – 89.64%.
  • Perfect Pair – 91.95%.
  • Either Pair – 86.29%
  • Super 6 – 86.18%.
  • Player Bonus  97.35%.
  • Banker Bonus – 90.63%.

Red Envelope RTP’s

  • Tie – 92.97%
  • Player Pair – 93.44%
  • Banker Pair – 93.44%

Red Envelope Bonus

A Red Envelope Bonus has been added to most of the Baccarat Tables. Excluded are Dual Play Baccarat, Lightning Baccarat, and First Person Baccarat.

The Bonus is randomly triggered on the Tie and Player Pair and Banker Pair Side Bets. It can boost the payouts up to 88x the bet.

No wager is required to enter the bonus, and you’ll only win if you have a qualifying bet on one of the winning side bets.


Evolution Baccarat is probably has some of the Best Baccarat games for live casino players.

The variety of the games and the stunning presentation really makes for a fantastic fully immersive playing experience.

All Evolution Casinos have Baccarat, but not all take all the tables and not all have the same side bets options.

Watch out for the Tie bets.

If you’re being paid 8:1 when you play for a Tie, there is another casino out there that will pay you 9:1.