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Evolution Live Mega Ball: Playing Strategy and Review

evolution live mega ball

An Introduction to Evolution Live Mega Ball

Evolution Live Mega Ball is essentially an online Bingo game. You buy Live Mega Ball bingo cards online, up to 400 cards if you wish! With each containing 24 numbers.

Twenty numbered balls are then drawn from a total of 51 balls. The objective is to make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of 5 numbers. Each line has a payout value. The more completed lines on a card, the better the payout.

The twist with Mega Ball is the addition of up to two Multiplier balls. If they are drawn and make up a winning line on your card, the Multiplier enhances the payout for that card.

Neil’s TOP RECOMMENDATIONS FOR Evolution Live Mega Ball

Evolution Live Dealer Mega Ball is not the same as Lottery Mega Ball.

The two are entirely different games, so don’t get confused. Lottery Mega Ball is a Lottery game, whereas Evolution Mega Ball is a bingo-style game.

How to Play Evolution Live Mega Ball

Evolution Live Mega Ball starts with the purchase of bingo cards.

Purchasing Mega Ball Bingo Cards

Each Mega Ball card contains 24 numbers and a blank “wild” space in the middle, already selected as a winning space.

The card contains a grid of 5 x 5 numbers, which gives 12 playable lines on a card.

The player selects the value he wants to pay for the card, the minimum being 0.10, up to a maximum of €100 a card.

It’s possible to buy up to 200 cards in each game round in units of 1, 10, 15 & 25.

For example, if you buy 200 cards for 0.20 a card, the total bet will be 40 euros.

purchase live mega ball cards

Changing Mega Ball Card Values

After you’ve purchased your cards, it is possible to change their value, but you can only do this while betting time is still open.

If you change the value for a card, it will replicate across all of the cards you have.

Refreshing Card Numbers

You can change the numbers on a purchased card if you don’t like the look of them!

Clicking the Refresh Numbers button on a card will change the numbers, which you can do while betting time is still open.

change live mega ball numbers

The Live Mega Ball Draw

Once the Betting Time has closed, 20 out of 51 balls get randomly drawn from the Mega Ball machine.

Each drawn ball gets compared with the numbers on your cards which are automatically marked up if the numbers match.

As the balls appear:

  • Your cards update with the matching numbers.
  • As the drawing continues, your cards are re-sorted into order, with those with a better chance of winning displayed first.
  • As you win lines, your potential winnings are updated.
  • Also displayed along the top of the cards in Gold is a list of the numbers needed to complete winning lines.

On completion of the main draw, a Mega Ball Bonus Round is run, which could draw up to two Bonus Mega Balls that could boost winning card payouts with one of the randomly drawn multipliers.

evolution live mega ball draw

Drawing The Multiplier and Bonus Mega Ball

A Mega Ball multiplier is the first to be generated.

A selection wheel, with multiplier values ranging from 5x to 100x, is spun in the centre of the studio, and when it stops, that value becomes the Multiplier.

Next, the Mega Ball number gets chosen from the remaining 31 Balls in the Mega Ball machine.

If the Mega Ball number completes a line on a card, the payout for that card gets multiplied by the Multiplier.

If a second Mega Ball is drawn, which also completes a winning line on the same card, the payout for the card is multiplied only by the higher of the two multipliers.

evolution live mega ball multiplier selection

Live Mega Ball Game Result

When the Mega Ball game round has completed, all cards are sorted, with the winning ones left on the screen, with the most significant wins showing first.

If there are no winning cards, you’ll see the ones that came closest to winning first.

evolution live mega ball win

Live Mega Ball Playing Interface

The playing interface is laid out well and contains five main sections.

live mega ball playing interface

Ball History

mega ball history

The draw history updates as the balls exit the Mega Ball machine.

A total of twenty balls get drawn during each game.


live mega ball payouts

The Payouts section shows the winning combinations and payouts based on your initial stake from the cards.

The Numbers Needed To Win

mega ball numbers to win

The numbers you need to complete a winning line are displayed above the cards and are constantly updated as the balls get drawn from the machine.

You’ll see them displayed in Gold, making it hard not to see them.

The Cards

evolution live mega ball cards

The playing interface displays your bingo cards in the middle of the screen. The cards get continually sorted as the balls are drawn, with the cards closest to winning shown first.

Playing with AutoPlay

live mega ball auto play

The Auto Play feature allows you to repeat your previous bet for a predetermined number of game rounds.

Using Auto Play, you can select the same number of cards at the value you have previously bet on and manage your bankroll until you’ve hit your loss limit or the number of game rounds.

Mega Ball Payout Structure

Number of LinesPayout
Six +9,999 – 999,999:1
Five999 – 99,999:1
Four249 – 24,999:1
Three49 – 4,999:1
Two4 – 499:1
One1x (push) – 99:1

The Live Mega Ball Payouts are per card. You need multiple winning lines on a card to get the big payouts.

Any completed line, horizontal, vertical or diagonal, will receive a payout as a winning line.

The free space in the middle of the card counts towards a winning line that crosses through it.

Payouts are limited to a maximum win value of €500,000 when the Multipliers come into play.

mega ball card

Live Mega Ball Return to Player

The Return To Player (RTP) figure for Evolution Live Mega Ball is for one card in play.

The expected RTP is 95.40%, while the range goes from 95.05% to 95.40%

The figures denote the expected return a player should expect throughout a million or so game rounds. It’s not indicative that if you play with £€100, you’ll get back £€95.40. It doesn’t work like that.

Live Mega Ball can make huge payouts, but they will happen very rarely, and as with all gambling, there will be highs and lows that even out during a playing session.

This RTP tells me that the game performs worse than Slots and Table games & slightly better than Monopoly Dream Catcher.

Playable Devices

You can play Live Mega Ball on all device types.

I think the game plays best on a Desktop or Laptop/Tablet. Landscape mode is the default and optimised for the best playing experience on these devices.

You can switch between two viewing modes by clicking the camera icon. Players with a poor internet connection get a smaller classic view, which is still very usable.


The autoplay functionality allows you to repeat your last best for a designated number of spins. Some countries get the additional option of being able to set win and loss limits as part of licensing requirements.

Evolution Live Mega Ball Strategy – Is there one?

Strategies for playing and winning Evolution Live Mega Ball are theoretical, and it’s highly doubtful if any exist that will give the player an edge and guarantee them to win when playing.

Here are the reasons why:

  • While Live Mega Ball is like Bingo, the strategies discussed assume you’re playing against other people and having a choice of the numbers on the cards. Neither of these is valid for Mega Ball.
  • The cards and numbers on them are auto-generated. The player does not influence the numbers chosen or the order in which they are on the card. Therefore any strategy using the probability of the last numbers drawn has no relevance if you can’t choose your numbers.
  •  The ball draw uses an actual, physical machine and balls, with no human intervention at all. There is no way for you to influence the balls or machinery.
  • The combinations of numbers, lines and cards are enormous. The player does not influence the allocation of any of them.

Play more than one card.

Playing just one card with 12 possible winning line combinations is much less than ten cards with 120 possible combinations.

The more cards you play, the greater chance you’ll get some winning lines.

How much should I bet?

It’s a tricky one. Bet within your budget. I usually bet 5-10% of my budget on a game round.

I judge how much I’ll spend on a card and the number of cards I want.

Sometimes that might be ten cards at a £€1 each, and other times it might be 200 cards at £€0.10 each.

Playing & Strategy Video Review

live mega ball video

Watch me explain how to play Live Mega Ball as I play.

I demonstrate playing with one, ten and 200 cards. See how I get on and whether I can get any multiplier wins.

I explain the strategy and the influence you can have on the game.

Mega Ball is Bingo with a twist. If you love Bingo, you’ll love Live Mega Ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do You Play Live Mega Ball?

You purchase a bingo card in a 5×5 grid format that contains 24 numbers (25 with the wild card). Twenty-one numbered balls + up to two multiplier balls get drawn. You have to make at least one line of 5 numbers to win.

How much does it cost to play Live Mega Ball?

A card costs from as little as 0.10 up to a maximum of £100. You can play as many cards as you like, up to 200.

What’s the most I can win?

The maximum win on Live Mega Ball when a multiplier is involved is £€500,000.

Is there a Strategy for winning Evolution Live Mega Ball?

Playing and betting strategies are an integral part of gambling. Whether they work is constantly up for debate. I take a detailed look below at the strategy for Evolution Live Mega Ball to see if they are any good.

Is Live Mega Ball the same as Online Bingo?

There are a few differences between Live Dealer Mega Ball and Online Bingo.

  1. You’re not playing against anyone else. You don’t have to be first to complete a line to win. All cards are in play until the last ball gets drawn. All completed lines count towards your payout.
  2. There is no payout for a Full House, as not enough balls get drawn to complete a card.
  3. The total number of balls, 51, is significantly lower than standard Bingo, which usually starts with 75 Balls.
  4. Once you’ve purchased your online mega ball cards, you can change their numbers until betting time closes.
  5. There is no Jackpot prize in Mega Ball, only enhanced payouts due to the multipliers.

Where can I play Live Mega Ball?

You can play at any online casino that has Evolution Live Dealer games. My favourite is Leo Vegas, which runs regular promotions for games like this.


As entertainment games go, Evolution Live Mega Ball is OK.

It is not a game I would usually play, and the only exciting thing for me was whether I’d get a multiplier to complete a winning line.

Without this, you will struggle to make your money back, as winning cards with more than two lines is rare.

I like the fast-paced nature of the game; when it slowed down when there were some operational issues, I got bored waiting for the balls to be drawn and left the game.

I experienced a few wins, starting with ten cards and then 150, up to 200. My best wins were with the 10-card set when I was betting £1 a card.

You need to balance the number of cards to play, the stakes for the cards, with how much bankroll you have to play.

I think the Live Mega Ball will be a good acquisition tool for gaining new players from Sports or Slots, but it will not attract the volumes Monopoly Dream Catcher has, even though the win potential is quite good.

My advice is to try it out for low stakes and see what you think.

There is an alternative bingo-style game from Evolution, but this one has a familiar RNG Bonus Round. Monopoly Big Baller takes the best bits from Mega Ball and Monopoly Dreamcatcher and fuses them to create a Bingo Game with an RNG Bonus Round.