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7Mojos Live Casino Software

7Mojos is a privately owned company that provides online live casino, slots games, and back-office solutions to the iGaming industry.

7Mojos is based out of Varna, Bulgaria, and is part of the Zariba Group, which has over ten years of experience developing online casino game solutions.

They have been providing live casino studio management services through Win Models Ltd since 2015, running private tables for Ezugi and Vivo Gaming.

They are now branching out and have become a live casino provider in their own right.

7mojos live dealers

Live Casino Studio

The 7Mojos Live Casino Studio is located in Varna, Bulgaria. Win Models Ltd runs it, and they provide the studio services, tables, and dealers to 7Mojos and Vivo, Ezugi, and Asia Gaming.

The studio is open 12 Hours a day but will expand as more customers come on board.

There are currently three public tables.

The studio and games are all physical; by that, I mean there is no green screen technology. Everything you see is real, from the tables to the backdrops and the decoration.

In keeping with the theme of the games, some of the studio is decorated with Lotus Flowers which have strong symbolism for Eastern cultures as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth.

7mojos live casino studio

7Mojos Live Casino Overview Video

A video overview of the live dealer games from 7Mojos. I quickly go around each game and explain some of the playing options and presentations of the games.

7mojos video review

7Mojos Andar Bahar

7mojos andar bahar

7Mojos Andar Bahar is a really good version of this traditional Indian Card Game.

Each new game round uses one deck of 52 playing cards.

The game’s purpose is to bet on which position will match the Joker card, chosen each round from the first card in the deck.

Cards are then dealt alternatively to the Andar and Bahar positions until a card matches the Joker card.

At that point, the game is over.

One side bet you can play is to bet on the number of cards drawn when a match occurs. Eight betting options exist, and you can bet on as many as you like.

There is also a valuable statistics chart that details the frequency of wins for each position and the value of the card chosen to be the Joker.

Game rounds take as long as it takes to get a matching card.

7Mojos Teen Patti

7mojos teen patti

Teen Patti is another traditional Indian card game to get the 7Mojos treatment. Similar to three-card poker, Teen Patti plays with one deck of 52 playing cards.

The objective is to beat the dealer with a better 3-card poker hand.

You can play two side bets alongside the main hand: Pairs – which pays out if you have a Pair or more, and the 3+3 Bonus, which uses all six cards to make a poker hand greater than Three of a Kind or better.

It’s a quick easy game to play and loved by players that like a poker-based card game.

7Mojos Dragon/Tiger

7mojos baccarat

Another Asian game getting the 7Mojos treatment is Dragon/Tiger. They haven’t strayed from the traditional way of playing Dragon Tiger. It’s virtually a cut-down version of Baccarat. Instead of being the hand closest to nine, all you have to do is predict which of the hands, Dragon or Tiger, will have the higher card.

The game plays with eight decks, with Aces being low.

There’s a range of Roadmaps that show the results of previous hands, while side bets of Tie and Suited Tie will give you the opportunity to win a max payout of 50:1.


While not entirely new, the 7 Mojos Live Casino software isn’t that widely available.

7 Mojos is very market-specific. It’s unlikely we’ll see it in the UK or Canada. It’s a shame as these niche operators can offer a more personal playing experience than the bigger live casino providers who are finding it increasingly harder to do.