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Funky Time Stats and Results History Tracker

Funky Time mystery multipliers

Funky Time is a money wheel live presenter game show by Evolution that is a spin-off of the enormous hit Crazy Time. The game was released in 2023.

Just like with Crazy Time, many players turn to real-time results history trackers to examine the statistics of previous spins to determine which outcome is ‘hot’ and which one is ‘cold’.

For example, an outcome that hasn’t happened for a while might be deemed to happen sooner than another outcome that occurred more recently. That is the general idea behind using stats trackers for betting on games such as Funky Time.

On this page, I will explain if that works and the expected interval for each of the four bonus rounds in Funky Time.

Funky Time Overview

The main thing about Funky Time is the money wheel which contains 64 segments. The segments award cash prizes or trigger one of the four bonus rounds. Random multipliers of up to 50x can be assigned to any segment.

To read more about Funky Time, read my review of the game, where I also explain the best strategies to play it with success.


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What can be tracked?

On this page, I’ll talk about the outcomes in Funky Time that players want to track.

Few people care about the cash prize segments, especially the Number One segment that pays 1:1. That one is expected to hit slightly less often than once every two spins. There is nothing to track here.

The letter symbols pay 25:1, but you have to bet on the exact letter of the 24 available. There are two copies of each letter.

You can bet on one letter for a 3.13% chance to win, a four-letter series for a 12.52% chance to win, or any other combination.

For all practical purposes, there are too many variables here, and the only thing we can reasonably track is how often all letters combined hit in general.

Most players think of Number 1 and Letter bets as a nuisance that gets in the way of triggering the bonus rounds.

The four bonus rounds are the main thing about Funky Time, the reason to play the game, and the main focus of all history trackers.

Players are looking at the recent spins to see if Bar, Disco, Stayin’ Alive and VIP Disco bonus rounds have been hitting more or less than the expected average.

Players look at the number of spins that have elapsed since the last hit and use that as a guideline to see if one of the four bonus rounds is more ‘due’ than the others.

If one bonus round is deemed more ‘due’ than the others, the player will start betting on that round until it hits. If a bonus round has hit recently, the player won’t bet on it.

As you can see in the following section, the expected number of spins that elapse between two hits of the bonus rounds in Funky Time is as follows:

  • 11 spins for Bar,
  • 21 spins for Disco,
  • 32 spins for Stayin’ Alive
  • and 64 spins for VIP Disco.

Stats trackers also track win multipliers that are randomly assigned during each spin.

Funky Time Probabilities and Intervals


SegmentNumber of SegmentsProbabilityInterval
Number 12843.75%Once every 2.3 spins
Letter (single)23.13%Once every 32 spins
Bar69.38%Once every 11 spins
Disco34.69%Once every 21 spins
Stayin’ Alive23.13%Once every 32 spins
VIP Disco11.56%Once every 64 spins

Do Funky Time stats trackers work?

Funky Time stats trackers do what they’re intended to do: track the result of each Funky Time spin in real-time.

All stats trackers also count how many spins it has been since a result occurred, for example, since the Disco bonus round hit.

The central premise behind using a Funky Time stats tracker is precisely that feature – the number of spins that have elapsed since a specific result occurred.

Players bet on outcomes that haven’t happened in a while, but this will not work as intended.

Every Funky Time spin is independent of all previous and future spins, with the same probability for every segment to hit.

Every time you spin the wheel, the probability resets.

Also, even if the Disco bonus round hasn’t hit for 80 spins and is therefore ‘way overdue’, how can we know that it hasn’t hit three times in the 20 spins that preceded the 80 and has consequently hit four times in 100 spins and is more or less in terms with the expected interval (once every 21 spins)?

The law of averages is real, and the results tend to even out in the long run.

Crucially, they even out in the long run, meaning millions of spins. They don’t even out in the short run. You can’t expect an outcome to even out exactly when you want it to. The evening out might happen a thousand spins from now.

Funky Time outcomes are pretty steady if you look at the monthly time frame. Even during the space of a week, which is around 8,000 spins, the results will look almost the same every time.

For example, between 120 and 150 VIP Disco bonus rounds will be triggered in a week. This is consistent with the expected probability of 1.56% and the usual bell curve distribution.

What we can’t know, however, is whether we are in a week that will have 25 fewer triggers of the VIP Disco bonus round or one with 25 more. That’s why we can’t say with certainty that another hit is due. It might all even out two weeks from now, with one of the weeks with more triggers than expected.

To conclude, it is downright impossible to use stats trackers to predict the most likely outcome of the next Funky Time spin or even to consider which results are more likely than the others.

For all we know, if there are fewer VIP Disco hits today, we might be in a week or a month with fewer VIP Disco hits – and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Any strategy that uses Funky Time stats trackers to try to beat the game will fail miserably.

Or, more precisely, a bet on the VIP Disco bonus round will have the same chance of winning and losing regardless of when you place it.

How to use Funky Time stats trackers properly

There is one thing that stats trackers are perfect for. If they didn’t exist, you’d only know the odds for each outcome in Funky Time, and you’d see those win multipliers are assigned randomly, and they can go up to 50x.

You wouldn’t know how this looks in practice, how often the large win multipliers are assigned, and how long it usually takes in reality between two VIP Disco bonus round triggers. You also wouldn’t know how much each bonus round usually pays and what the volatility is.

So, if you want to use Funky Time stats trackers properly, I would advise you to take a step back and think critically.

See how often, for example, the Bar bonus round triggers, how much it usually pays, and the range of wins. Then you’ll know if the Bar bonus round is something you want to bet on.

What to bet on?

In Funky Time, even a simple letter bet can win you 1250x your bet if you are lucky enough to land the most significant 50x win multiplier.

The four bonus rounds are the most attractive propositions in Funky Time, and combined, they have a 12 / 64 = 18.75% chance to hit on any given spin.

If you constantly had a bet on all bonus rounds, you’d win once every five spins on average.

Using Funky Time stats trackers, you could eliminate one of the bonus rounds from your betting strategy if you don’t like the range of wins it delivers.

The general idea with Funky Time and similar games is to be there with an active bet when the bonus round hits and, when it does hit big, with a large win multiplier.

Trying to pinpoint the exact time when that will happen won’t work. If you want to win on Stayin’ Alive bonus round, you’d better have an active bet on it on every spin.

Funky Time Stats Trackers FAQ

Can Funky Time stats help me win?

No, Funky Time stats trackers can’t predict the outcome of the next spin or even say which result is more due than the others. Every spin in Funky Time is independent of all previous spins.

What is the best time to play Funky Time?

The game is equally likely to produce big wins at any given time of day since the game is entirely random. That means that there is no such thing as the best time to play it.

Are there any patterns in Funky Time?

For a month or so, you can expect the observed outcomes to be almost in sync with the predicted probabilities. In shorter time frames, results can and will vary.