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Evolution Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

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Evolution Live Texas Holdem Bonus Poker is the latest variant of the popular online Casino Hold’em poker table game.

It’s been created in partnership with Games Marketing and adds to the already strong Live poker games that Evolution offer.

The game is essentially a mash up between Live Casino Holdem and Live Ultimate Texas Holdem, taking the best parts of each game to provide a unique live game.

Played using the correct strategy the game can return 99.47% to the player.



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Quick Summary

texas holdem bonus poker video

  • There’s 3 Betting rounds – You can Bet on every round as the cards are dealt.
  • Two player cards & two dealer cards are dealt.
  • There’s 5 community cards.
  • The best 5 card poker hand wins.
  • Optional Bonus side bet – only pays on the first two initial cards dealt to each player.
  • Optional Progressive Jackpot – Jackpot and interim payouts.
  • The Bonus bets pay regardless of the outcome of the main hand.
  • Play at Evolution Live Casinos.

How the game is played

Evolution Live Texas Holdem Bonus poker 1st Round

To start the game you’ll need to place an Ante Bet, this is the only mandatory bet of the game.

You can also place two optional side bets, The Bonus and Progressive Jackpot bets. These are are paid out regardless of the result of the main hand.

Two cards are then dealt to the player face up and the dealers cards face down.

First Decision Round – Play or Fold

Evolution Live Texas Holdem Bonus poker 2nd Round

Depending on the potential strength of your cards you can either fold the hand and take no further part in the game or place a mandatory 2 x your Ante Bet to continue.

If you fold and you’ve placed the bonus bets they will be settled at the end of the game.

The dealer then deals the 3 flop cards face up.

Second Decision – Check or Bet

Evolution Live Texas Holdem Bonus poker 3rd Round

If your hand has strengthened you can place an additional bet of 1 x the Ante.

If not you can just Check to stay in the hand and see the next cards.

The Turn card is then dealt face up.

Third Decision – Check or Bet

Evolution Live Texas Holdem Bonus poker 4th Round

If you hand is still strong you can bet 1 x the Ante again, or check.

The dealer then deals the last card, the River, face up.

Dealer reveals his cards

The dealer reveals his cards and both players make the best 5 card poker hand from thier two cards and the 5 community cards

Evolution Live Texas Holdem Bonus poker 5th Round

Game Outcomes

Dealers hand wins – The ante and subsequent bets are lost. Bonus bets are still alive and get paid at the end of the game.

Dealer and players hands are the same – The Ante, Flop, Turn and River bets all push and are returned to the player. Any Bonus bets are settled later.

Player beats the dealer – The Flop, Turn and River bets are paid at even money. The Ante is paid even money if it’s a straight or greater. Otherwise the Ante pushes and is returned to the player.


Main Hand Payout

Ante Pays 1:1 if the player wins with a Straight or above. Anything else and the bet is returned to the player as a Push.

Flop and Turn and River Bets all pay 1:1 if the player wins. They are pushed if the result is a draw.

The Bonus Bet

Evolution live texas holdem bonus poker payout guide

The Bonus bet is interesting because it pays regardless of whether the main hand is won or lost.

The bet is paid on the Players first two cards or a combination of the Players and Dealers first two cards.

Winning hands are either pairs, sets of pairs (for the higher payouts) or high value suited or unsuited connectors.

The table on the left shows the payouts and the hand values needed to obtain them.

Plenty of opportunity to win.!

The Progressive Jackpot

Evolution live texas holdem bonus poker first 5 jackpot

The progressive jackpot is an optional side bet played with one unit of currency.

The value of the Jackpot increases with every Jackpot bet made across the whole of the Evolution network. (5% of each bet is added to the Jackpot).

To win the Jackpot or any of the prizes the hand has to be made up of the players two cards and the first 3 cards of the Flop.

The main prize, a Royal Flush, is shared between all the players playing the Jackpot bet at the time.

The other prizes are paid directly to each player and in the currency being played.

Live Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Strategy

The strategy for Live Texas Holdem Bonus Poker is fairly straight forward.

Yyou should fold any unsuited hands between 2/3 and 2/7.

Suited hands should be played for the potential of a flush.

This strategy only refers to the first two cards.

For decisions on whether to Check or Bet as the rest of the cards are dealt I recommend using the betting calculator at BeatingBonuses.com.

Just enter the card values and it calculates whether to bet or check as the Flop unfolds.


Return to Player

Each of the betting options has it’s own RTP calculations.

  • The Main Game – The theoretical payout is 97.96% based on the Ante bet and 99.47% based on Total bet.
  • Bonus Bet – Theoretical payout is 91.46%.
  • Progressive First 5 Jackpot – Theoretical payout is 81.84%.

The best odds are returned on the main game if you play to standard strategy.


Mobile Live Texas Holdem Bonus Poker

The playing interface has been developed in HTML5 so the game can be played on any mobile device.

What’s great is the option to play in landscape or portrait mode.