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Introduction To Wheel Of Fortune Games and the different types

Wheel of Fortunes or “Money Wheels” are popular in US and UK land-based Casinos.

However, most people of a certain generation (the 80s-00s) will know them from the popular US & UK TV show “Wheel of Fortune”, where contestants would spin the wheel to win prizes.

Online Live Wheel of Fortunes is being developed by a number of Live Casino software providers.

They are seen very much as a cross-over product, often providing new players with their first experience of gambling live online.

What’s really interesting is the level of sophistication being put into these games, to provide an all-around entertainment experience.

I can’t really trace who was the first to deploy a live casino wheel, but in terms of this site, the BetGames Wheel of Fortune was the first I came across.

About 2 years later Evolution Gaming launched their first wheel of fortune, Dream Catcher. That’s now been followed up with Monopoly Live Dream Catcher, which has an RNG bonus round incorporated into the game, and Crazy Time, with its 4 unique bonus rounds.

Playtech joined the party shortly after Evolution, with their version, Spin a Win and its Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live Casino game show. More recently Money Drop Live has thrown a spanner in the works with its reverse behaviour mechanic. While Pragmatic Play has created a hybrid of existing games with their Live Mega Wheel.

If you like Wheel of Fortune type games there is plenty on offer, all with slightly different variations and betting opportunities.

Are all Wheel of Fortunes the same?

The wheels themselves come in different sizes and have varying amounts of segments depending on their use.

What’s common between them all is the wheel is mounted vertically and is spun in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Usually, a leather strop runs over the segment separators and slows the wheel down until it eventually stops on a winning segment.

Wheel Types

There is no set number of segments on a wheel.

Dream Catcher has 54 Segments while the Betgames Wheel has 19 and Spin A win has 53.

The segments can be numbers, colours, or both. These are the most popular.

I have seen others with pictures of prizes or even animals, as was the case at a local fair. Although I don’t think you actually won an animal!

What sort of betting can you do?

Typically you can bet on a number or colour or odds and evens.

Payouts for the different bet types are calculated on the makeup on the wheel, so I can’t really give you an accurate idea.

However, if there is an even distribution of say colours, then that might pay even money. A bit like Roulette would pay.

BetGames Wheel of Fortune

Betgames Wheel of Fortune has 19 segments, numbered 1-18, with an additional prize Symbol. The wheel is also divided into 3 colour segments Black, Grey and Red.

Live Wheel of Fortunes - Betgames Wheel of fortune

Bets can be made on numbers, colours, and odds and evens.

The game round runs every 5 mins and the game is presented in a very TV-type way.

There is no glitz or glamour, it’s very factual and robotic, so don’t expect any feedback or interaction with the presenters.

You can play at Dublinbet.

Evolution Dream Catcher

Evolution Dream Catcher is a different kettle of fish.

live wheel of fortunes - Dreamcatcher

The wheel has 54 segments, 6 numbers are used that are dispersed around the wheel, with every number represented a different number of times.

Two additional segments have Multiplier figures, which if landed on are applied to the next win.

This makes this wheel unique.

You just bet on which number you think the strop will stop at.

Unlike the Betgames Wheel, this game is fully interactive with players, who are encouraged to chat and speak with the presenter.

The presenter is a showman and is there to entertain, so if you want a fully immersive experience then try playing at one of the Evolution Live Casinos.

If you want one to try then Mr. Green is a good place to play.

Evolution Monopoly Dream Catcher

Evolution Monopoly Dream Catcher is a Wheel of Fortune with a difference.

Monopoly Live wheel

This wheel has additional segments, that when landed on transport the game into an RNG Bonus Round. Players must have bet on the 2 Roll or 4 Rolls positions to qualify for the bonus round.

The Bonus round is where the real potential for the game lies, with 2000 x payouts possible.

The base game also includes “Chance” segments, which when landed on can pay out a cash prize or give a multiplier up to 10 x for the next spin.

The main number segments on the wheel pay less than the original Dream Catcher. If you’re not playing for the bonus round you’d be better off playing Dream Catcher instead.

Warning – This game is addictive, you’ll find yourself chasing the Bonus Round.

My advice is to play at somewhere like NoBonus Casino where you get cashback on your losses.

Evolution Crazy Time

Evolution Crazy Time is probably the most existing game Wheel of Fortune type game.

Crazy Time Betting time

Crazy Time has everything you could possibly want from a wheel of fortune and more!

There are Multipliers, there are 4 bonus rounds, there’s player participation and a great opportunity to win BIG!

It’s Monopoly Live on steroids!

Payouts have been capped at €500,000 because the game has the potential to pay 50,000 x

Crazy time can be played from as little as 0.10 p a spin, so it will suit both low and high rollers alike.

Win a bonus round being hit on average every 6 spins you’ll be hooked in no time!

Playtech Live Spin a Win

Playtech Live Spin A Win looks remarkably live Dream Catcher, but it isn’t the same game!

playtech wheel of fortune Spin A Win

Spin A Win has 51 number segments and two multipliers, a 2 x and 7 x.

You can bet on the 6 numbers, each has a different payout which is relevant to the number of times the number appears on the wheel.

The highest payout is for number 40, which appears once and will bag you a 40:1 payout. Number 20, appears twice and pays 20:1, while number 10 is on the wheel 3 times and pays 10:1.

Number 5 has 7 slots, with each one giving a payout of 7:1. Double your money on number 2, with 15 occurrences at 2:1.

Even money payout is left to number 1 which appears 23 times, no wonder it’s the most common number to be hit.

What sets Spin A Win apart is an additional side bet. The side bet can be played alongside the main hand and also on its own.

In the RTP’s opinion, this offers a better return, with a bet on Odd giving a return of 0.75:1 on the 30 numbers it covers. It has an RTP of 97.22%.

An Even number bet gives 1.25:1, but only 21 even numbers cover the board. Alternatively, bet on a multiplier coming in for a 25:1 payout.

In my experience, the multiplier tends to come in every 50 spins or so!

The game is Live, and the wheel is manually spun with gravity and a rather strange looking strop slowing down the wheel until a winning number is chosen.

If you fancy a game, try it at Dafabet Casino.

Playtech Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

Playtech Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live is an all-encompassing game show in the style of Crazy Time.

adventures beyond wonderland live game show

The Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live Wheel has 54 Segments, in common with other wheels of fortune wheels. The segments are divided into number sections and bonus sections.

The objective is to place a bet in a section where the wheel will stop. The number sections pay the value of the number as a multiplier on the bet. The bonus sections initiate a bonus round, which also have multipliers as the prize, hopefully, more than the 10 x that the wheel can provide with its number 10 sections.

The game is controlled by a presenter who is joined by animated characters, the Caterpillar and the White Rabbit during the bonus rounds.

Three wheels are used during the game, two physical and one RNG, with the second main wheel used for the 2 and 5 Wonderspins Bonus rounds.

The Magic Dice round use two real dice in a shaker to determine the moves on a prize grid, which pays multipliers if you roll the correct number.

All in all, this is a great game. The Mystery Bonus round doesn’t require a specific bonus bet to be made. When triggered it can allocate a multiplier to all bet positions for a free spin, or pay a multiplier of your total bet made on the betting grid.

If you fancy a game, try it at Dafabet Casino.

Pragmatic Play Live Mega Wheel

Pragmatic Play Live Mega Wheel is a hybrid of Evolution DreamCatcher and Playtech Spin A Win.

pragmatic play live mega wheel

The Live Mega wheel has 54 Segments, with 9 numbers that can be bet on.

The multiplier for the game is selected after betting time but before the wheel is spun. One of the numbers is selected to have a multiplier and this payout is substituted for every one of those numbers that appear on the wheel.

It’s possible to get a 500x payout, but only on numbers 15, 20, 30, and 40.

It’s a quick game, controlled by a presenter who spins the wheel in alternate directions after each spin.

MrGreen has the game if you’re interested in trying it out.

Playtech Money Drop Live

money drop live long view

Playtech Money Drop Live is a game that turns the traditional wheel of fortune on its head.  A large money wheel is used to get the game going, but that is where the commonality ends!

You win a prize upfront from the multipliers on the wheel. The next stage is to try and keep as much of the winnings as you go through the Money Drop rounds.

What strategy do you use? Do you play it safe and cover all bases, or do you go for the big win, and pick just one money drop zone.

Big wins are promised of 5000x but your more likely to walk away with 10x to 100x.

Take a look at my Money Drop Live Review and video Demo, which shows you how to play and what sort of strategies to use.

Pragmatic Sweet Bonanza Candyland

sweet bonanza candyland new version

Sweet Bonanza Candyland takes its name from one of Pragmatic Play’s most successful slots, Sweet Bonanza.

The big wheel has 54 segments, with nine segments leading to one of four bonus rounds, which all deliver multipliers as their prize.

The studio is candy themed, and the presenters wear candy-striped dresses and uniforms.

It’s one of the most fun big-wheel games. When you join, you’ll have a big smile and, hopefully, the same when you leave.

For those that like lots of information about the game and past results, you can check out my Sweet Bonanza Candyland results tracker, which gives statistics and data going back months

Playtech Greatest Cards Show

Intro for Greatest Cards Show

In a twist, the Greatest Cards Show uses a horizontally mounted wheel rather than one vertically hung.

The wheel contains 54 segments, with the contents of a 52-pack of cards taking the place of the traditional number segments, with two joker segments thrown into the mix.

Like all the other big wheel games, multipliers are on offer when randomly selected cards trigger one of three bonus rounds.

The highest possible multiplier is 5000x, but the stars must align if you’re hoping to win that!

The game has an RTP of 96.67%, so it sits nicely among the other big-wheel games.