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Bet365 Super Spin Roulette Live: Review, Strategy and Playing Tips

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Hints & Tips For Playing Super Spin Roulette Live

Before you play Super Spin Roulette online here’s a list of the main features and things to look out for.

  1. The roulette wheel is a manually operated European style wheel with a single zero. The dealer spins the wheel in an alternate direction each spin.
  2. Between Three to Seven numbers are selected each game round to receive a multiplier.
  3. The multipliers can range in value from 60x to 540x.
  4. All inside bets qualify for the multipliers. Payouts are adjusted according to bet type. See Payout Rules.
  5. The standard inside-bet payouts have been modified from the usual payouts to pay for the multipliers.
  6. Outside Bets play exactly the same as in normal roulette with the standard payouts.
  7. The playing interface displays the payout values for each of your inside bets once the multipliers have been assigned.
  8. Modified playing strategies are needed to ensure you get the best value for the game. Steer clear of Progressive strategies like Martingale.

bet365 super spin roulette full

How To Play Bet365 Super Spin Roulette

The process for playing is quite simple and follows these steps.

  • Betting time opens and you have approximately 20 seconds to place your bets.
  • Betting time closes
  • The dealer spins the wheel and the multiplier for the game round is revealed.
  • Up to seven numbers are selected to receive the multiplier.
  • The ball comes to rest in a number pocket. – If the number has a multiplier you’ll receive the payout for your bet type. If you have guessed the correct number and there is no multiplier, you’ll receive the standard payout for the bet type.
  • The playing interface displays the top winners above the wheel.
  • A new game round begins.

Placing Bets on the Super Spin betting Grid

The game round starts with bets being placed on the betting grid. Remember only Inside Bets will get the benefit of the multipliers.

There are several ways to place your bets.

  1. Select a bet amount chip and click on a betting position or number.
  2. Use the Racetrack to place neighbour or section bets.
  3. Using the Bet Creator to create your bets offline and save them to your favourites, then recall them when it’s time to place your bet.
  4. Use the Lucky Dip which will give you a combination of straight-up bets for 5, 7 or eight numbers.

Once you used one of the above you can use the AutoPlay feature to repeat the same bets for a number of game rounds.

The Multiplier and Numbers are Chosen

Once betting time has closed, the dealer starts spinning the wheel, while the multiplier and up to seven numbers are selected to receive it.

All the selected numbers receive the same multiplier. Both are displayed above the wheel.

super spin roulette multiplier
super spin roulette multiplier numbers

Live Dealer Spins The Mega Fire Blaze Wheel

super spin roulette wheel

Bet365 Super Spin Roulette Results

The game round ends when the ball comes to rest in a numbered pocket.

The winning number is displayed on the screen, just above the wheel.

Now, if this was a multiplier number the following payouts are performed:

    • Straight Up bet: (Total Bet x Total Multiplier = Straight Up Total Win
    • Split bet: (Total Bet x Total Multiplier) x ½ = Split Total Win
    • Street bet: (Total Bet x Total Multiplier) x 1/3 = Street Total Win
    • Corner/Basket bet: (Total Bet x Total Multiplier) x ¼ = Corner/Basket Total Win
    • Line bet: (Total Bet x Total Multiplier) x 1/6 = Line Total Win
  • The maximum win multiplier for the game is 540x.

Note: The projected win multipliers for each game round are displayed below the wheel. It’s just another way of expressing the multiplier. For example, if the Total Multiplier is 200x, the Split bet multiplier would be 100x and so on for each inside bet type.

super spin roulette result

Betting on Super Spin Roulette Live

It’s important to understand the two main bets types in Super Spin Roulette. Not least because one type will get the benefit of the multipliers and the other type will not.

The two bet types are:

  1. Outside Bets – These are bets placed on the outside of the betting grid. These tend to be the Even Money bets, like Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low and Column Bets and Dozen bets, which pay 2:1.
  2. Inside Bets – these are individual numbers or combinations of numbers and have normal payouts of between 35:1 to 5:1. It is these bets that multipliers will be paid on, and also the bets that have their normal payouts reduced (which pays for the multipliers).

The outside bets play as they do on a regular European Roulette table, so there is no harm in playing those bets on the Super Spin table, you’ll get the same return.

The implications of playing the Inside bets and the impact the multipliers have on the payouts does need some explanation.

Inside Bets

Straight Up Bet –This is a bet where your chip covers one number on the betting grid. There are thirty-seven numbers to choose from. You can place as many straight-up bets as you like.  The multiplier payout will be for the full amount.  Payout = Straight-up Bet amount x Multiplier.

Split Bet – This is a bet where your chip covers two numbers – so half the amount is on one number and half on the other. You cover two numbers with one bet. The multiplier payout for a Split bet is half. Payout = Split-Bet amount x multiplier divided by two. 

Street Bet – Your chip covers three numbers across the betting grid. There are 12 rows to place bets on. The multiplier payout for a Steet Bet is a third. Payout = Street Bet amount x Multiplier divided by three.

Corner/Basket bet – This is a bet where you place your chip on the intersection where 4 numbers meet. Hence the corner. The multiplier payout for a Corner bet is a quarter. Payout = Corner Bet Amount x multiplier divided by four.

Line Bet – A line bet covers 12 numbers with one chip. The multiplier payout for a line bet is a sixth. Payout = Line Bet amount x multiplier divided by six.

Section Bets/French Bets can be used to cover sections of the wheel. The racetrack is used to place these bets that will automatically place a combination of inside bet types to cover all the numbers. The multiplier payouts are a per specific inside bet type. Popular bets include Voisins, Tiers, Orphelins sections of the wheel.

The neighbours’ bet is another way to cover numbers, often resulting in straight-up and split-bets being placed.

Payout Tables

As mentioned above the payouts for Inside Bets have been adjusted to cater for the multipliers and also when a multiplier needs to be paid.

The easiest way to explain this is through the use of this comparison table, where I show the payouts for normal European roulette and those for Super Spin Roulette.

For completeness, I’ve also included a comparison against Quantum Roulette so you can see the differences.

Bet TypeBet365 Super
Spin Payout
(max multiplier)
Quantum Roulette
(max multiplier)
Straight-Up23:1 (539:1)35:129:1 (499:1)
Split-Bet11:1 (269:1)17:117:1
Street Bet7:1 (179:1)11:111:1
Corner bet5:1 (134:1)8:18:1
Line Bet3:1 (89:1)5:15:1

Betting and Playing Strategy for Super Spin Roulette Live

No strategy can guarantee that you’ll win. We already know that Super Spin Roulette favours the house, as there is a published house edge – so the game is built for the house to win in the long term.

However, you can win playing Super Spin Roulette at Bet365 if you use a strategy and are prepared to cash out when you’re ahead. Most people don’t and that is why they lose and walk away with no money.

If you follow my strategies for playing Bet365 Super Spin Roulette you’ll:

  • Maximise your chances for betting on a number that gets a multiplier.
  • If the winning number has a multiplier, you’re more likely to be on that number.
  • You’ll keep your bankroll turning over more, enabling a longer playing session and more opportunities to get the multipliers.
  • Keep your bet sizes to a sensible limit thus preserving your bankroll.
  • Understand your risk profile and what that does to your bankroll.
  • Understanding when to take a break when you’re losing and cash out when your winning.
  • Have fun!

The normal heavily documented Roulette Strategies, like Martingale, Fibonacci, and D’Alembert Strategy should only be used when playing a standard roulette game and not Super Spin Roulette.

Super Spin Live Roulette Strategies

Here are a few betting strategies you can use when playing. Each has its pros and cons.

The “Bet On Every Number” Strategy

This requires you to place a bet on every number on the betting grid. You don’t have to go one for one, as long as every number is covered in some way you’ll get a win each spin.

  • Pro – You’ll get a win every spin.
  • Pro – You’re guaranteed to get the winning multiplier number when it happens.
  • Con – You will need to win 37x to cover the initial bet size. Most spins will be losing spins.
  • Con – You have to hope that multiplier wins more than cover your previous losing spins.
  • Con – Choosing the right bet type is linked to how much bankroll you have. Don’t choose the wrong one!

Straight Up Strategy


  • Every number is covered.
  • Your bet is 37 units, your basic win is 24 units – you lose 13 units each spin.
  • Guaranteed to get a multiplier when it lands 60x to 540.
  • You need a large bankroll to play this – don’t bet more than 5% of your bankroll on each spin.

straight-up strategy

Split Bet Strategy


  • Every number is covered.
  • Bet cost is 19 units, the minimum win is 12, so you lose 7 units a spin.
  • Guaranteed to get the multiplier win when it occurs.
  • Multiplier payouts are at 50%.
  • Bet 10% of bankroll to maintain the same loss limit as above or 5% to double the time you have to lose.

split strategy

Line Bet Strategy


  • Every number is covered.
  • Bet cost is 13 units and the minimum win per round is 8 units, so a net loss of 5 units.
  • Guaranteed to get the multiplier win when it occurs.
  • You’ll only receive a third of the multiplier value.
  •  This is probably the best value bet, as you’re betting and losing less per spin.
  • Bankroll lasts longer and the return you get for the multiplier is probably the best.

line strategy

Strategy for Sections of the Wheel


  • Use the race track to place section bets on the betting grid.
  • Not every number is covered.
  • No guarantee you’ll get a win or a multiplier win when it happens.
  • Likely to be 3 times less likely to get a win.
  • Will have a more direct impact on your bankroll. Drops will be quicker as will the positive impact of wins.

Use this strategy alongside some Outside Bets to offset the losing spins.

sections strategy

What is the Best Super Spin Live Roulette Strategy?

The best super spin roulette strategy is the one you feel gives you the best enjoyment when playing the game.

Don’t forget about winning – we all like to win when we bet, but don’t expect it to happen all of the time.

The best strategy will enable you to keep playing through the losses for longer and give you a better chance of hitting some multiplier wins.

So now we’ve established that my favourite strategy is the Line Bet or Split Bet strategy.

I make my bet, save it and then use AutoPlay to ensure I don’t miss any spins.

I put my feet up and watch a youtube video while I’m playing.

Using BetBuilder to make your bets

Bet Builder is a great tool in the playing interface that allows you to set up a bet on a betting grid and then save it, without having to place a physical bet.

It’s an ideal tool to set up your favourite bet layouts or even set up the strategy bets we talked about above.

Then when it comes to placing your bet, you load it up and away you go.

Using Auto Play on Live Dealer Super Spin Roulette

Autoplay is a great feature. If you like playing the same bets, spin after spin, you should use Auto Play.

Auto Play does a few things for you.

Firstly you won’t miss a game round. you can select the number of spins and just let the gameplay in auto mode.

Secondly, you can set loss limits, so if you’re on a losing streak you can stop play automatically when you hit a predefined limit.

Third, it allows you to do other things while playing.

Video Review of Bet365 Super Spin Live Roulette

If you prefer, here’s a video of me playing Super Spin Roulette at Bet365. I explain how to play the game, and demonstrate some of the strategies when playing.

There is no huge stakes going on here, just a regular guy playing a few spins with a small bankroll.

bet365 super spin roulette review video

How Does Super Spin Roulette Compare to Quantum Roulette?

Super Spin Roulette and Quantum Roulette have some similarities but are not the same game.

They both have multipliers, but Quantum Roulette only pays them for Straight-up wins, while Super Spin pays on all Inside bets.

The standard payouts on Quantum Roulette are better across the board, and the maximum multiplier is 1000x.

But you’re more likely to get a multiplier win with Super Spin Roulette than you are with Quntume Roulette as there are more multiplier numbers with more betting positioning counting.

Super Spin is less volatile than Quantum, but more so than regular European Roulette.

Why Should I Play Super Spin Live Roulette?

If you are a player that likes regular wins when gambling, Super Spin Roulette is probably the least volatile of the multiplier roulettes.

You’ll have more fun and stand a better chance of getting a multiplier win. Just make sure you play one of the strategies that help with that.

The Bet365 Live Casino studio and environment where the game is hosted is cool. The presenters are chatty and happy to talk about most things, just use chat to communicate with them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is different about Super Spin Roulette?

Super Spin Roulette offers what other multiplier roulette games don’t. All Inside Bets qualify for the multiplier and only one multiplier value is used on all selected numbers. You, therefore, get more opportunities to win with a multiplier than just the standard straight-up bet that similar games offer.

Does Super Spin Roulette Live have Multipliers?

Super Spin Roulette offers multipliers between 60x right up to 540x on a straight-up number. The values are adjusted for Split, Line, Corner and Street Bets.

Is There A Strategy For Playing Super Spin Roulette Live?

The main strategy is to give yourself the best chance of getting a multiplier while being careful not to overreach your bankroll. I discuss several strategies you can use.

Is Super Spin Roulette Better Than Lightning Roulette and Quantum Roulette?

It’s not a case of what is better, it’s a case of which game you prefer. Only you will know by playing each of the games. In my opinion, Super Spin Roulette is better, purely because all Inside bets qualify for multiplier payouts.

What are the differences between Super Spin Roulette and Mega Fire Roulette, Lightning Roulette, Quantum Roulette, and Mega Roulette?

The main differences are the multiplier range is 60x to 540x, all Inside Bets qualify for multiplier payouts and the same multiplier is used across all chosen numbers.

Where can I play Super Spin Roulette?

You can play Super Spin Roulette at Bet365. It’s an exclusive game for Bet365. You won’t find it anywhere else online.

Live Casino Games

  • Dedicated Blackjack & Roulette Tables
  • Exclusive Super Spin Roulette.
  • Exclusive Super Mega Ultra Live.
  • Regular Promotions.
  • Fiat Deposits/Withdrawals
  • Trusted online casino.

4 / 5 Stars


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What is the RTP for Bet365 Super Spin Roulette?

The RTP is 97.30%, the same as standard European Roulette.


Super Spin Roulette is a unique game produced by Playtech for Bet365. It’s aimed at players that want to play multiplier roulette, but don’t like the all or nothing of the straight-up bet.

Super spin wins because it allows all inside bets to get some multiplier action. This means you’re no longer stuck in playing just straight-up bets. It opens the game up to all players, not just a subset, who’ve been able to enjoy Lightning and Quantum Roulette games for a while.

The closest you get to Super Spin in another game is Mega Fire Blaze Live Roulette, which has taken live dealer roulette with multipliers to another level.

Bet365 has been clever with this game and I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing it as much as I do.

Other Live Roulette games with Multipliers

Here’s a list of other live roulette games by Evolution and Pragmatic Play that also have multipliers.