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Live Teen Patti – Strategy, How to Play, Tips and Tricks

Best Casinos For Live Teen Patti

Evolution Live Casino

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  • Playtech Teen Patti.
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Ezugi Teen Patti Casino

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  • Ezugi Andar Baar and Teen Patti.
  • Lots of Live Casino Providers.

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Introduction to Live Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an Asian version of Three Card Poker and plays identically with identical rules. The only difference is that the presentation is Asian, and the dealers speak Hindi.

The player plays against the dealer, trying to get the better three-card poker hand. The dealer must qualify with a hand of Queen high or better, and the player is given a choice after seeing his hand – place a Play bet or fold the Ante bet.

Teen Patti is not, as you might hastily assume, a game where the main character is a teenage girl named Patti.

Teen Patti means ‘three cards’ in Hindi. The game originated in the Indian subcontinent, with its roots coming from the English game of 3 Card Brag. It’s now one of the most popular card cards across South Asia.

Which Teen Patti game to choose?

The only proper way to play Teen Patti is to play the real money casino game with a live dealer presentation. Which is what we’re talking about here.

Live Dealer Teen Patti is available from Evolution, Playtech, Ezugi and 7 Mojos. In most cases, it’s the same game; however, the Playtech version has some different rules, which are more in line with the 3 card poker you play in land-based casinos.

The two side bets are Pairs Plus or 3+3 Bonus (Mega Bonus at Playtech). The payouts differ slightly across the suppliers, so it’s worth knowing which ones pay the best. Refer to the table in the Side Bets section.

However, the real reason you’re playing Teen Patti and not Three Card Poker is the atmosphere. Two developers create the perfect presentation of this beautiful game, Evolution and Playtech.

The others have entirely missed the point and don’t use Indian dealers. You might as well play 3 Card Poker then.

Evolution and Playtech Teen Patti are the only games to draw you right in and have you playing this exciting game for hours.

Since 7 Mojos software isn’t available in the UK, the choice boils down to Evolution, Playtech and Ezugi. All are quality games; fortunately, there’s a casino where you’ll find them all – LeoVegas.

Where to Play Teen Patti


Evolution Teen PattiGame ReviewPlay at LeoVegas
Ezugi Teen PattiGame ReviewPlay at LeoVegas
Playtech Teen PattiGame ReviewPlay at Playojo

Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti uses one deck of cards shuffled before each game round. You play against the dealer and will win if you get a better three-card poker hand or if the dealer failed to qualify and you haven’t folded before seeing his cards.

If the dealer’s hand is less than Queen high, he won’t qualify. However, you will lose your stake if you fold before seeing the dealer’s cards.

There are two parts to the game.

  1. The first one is your Ante bet that you place before you see your cards. When you do, you have the option of folding or placing a Play bet.
  2. If you place a Play bet, that’s the second part of the game. Then you’ll see the dealer’s cards, and one of you will win.

Two optional side bets offer payouts of up to 1000:1.

Here are the six possible outcomes of a Teen Patti game.

Dealer does not qualify and you win1:1Push
Dealer qualifies and you win1:11:1
Dealer qualifies and you loseLoseLose
Dealer qualifies and it’s a tiePushPush
Player FoldsLose

The Dealer Doesn’t Qualify

If you place a Play bet and the dealer doesn’t qualify with a hand that’s at least Queen high, The game will push your Play bet, and you’ll win your Ante bet.

If you didn’t place a Play bet at all,  the only possible option is you lose the Ante bet, regardless of the hand the dealer had.

The Dealer Qualifies

If you have already folded and lost your Ante bet and the dealer qualifies, you still lose.

If the dealer qualified and you placed a Play bet, then the best hand will win.

House Edge and RTP

Teen Patti is a decent game regarding house edge and RTP, though not even remotely at the level of Blackjack. RTP is 96.63% for a house edge of 3.37%, or even worse if you play side bets.

Pairs Plus side bet has an RTP of 95.51%, while the 6 Card Bonus side bet has an RTP of 91.44%.

The main advantage for the dealer comes from the fact that the player acts first and the dealer acts last. If the player and the dealer have lousy hands, the player will play first, fold and lose.

However, the appeal of Teen Patti is the choices you make for each hand. Many will say Teen Patti is the true gambler’s game.

Overall, on the Ante, the probability of a win is 44.91%, push 0.06% and a loss 55.03%.

Teen Patti or Three Card Poker?

Since the two games are identical, this begs the question – which one should you choose and why?

If we’d take all the Three Card Poker games and all the Teen Patti games and put them together, there’s one that would stand out from the rest – Evolution Teen Patti.

Just take one look at the game, and you’ll see why. It’s the best atmosphere you can get in a game like this.

So, Teen Patti is the clear winner here, but only if you play the Evolution version.

This might change when a developer – most likely Evolution – decides to add some win multipliers to a Three Card Poker game or something like that.

Until then, Evolution Teen Patti is the best live three-card poker game out there.

Teen Patti Hand Rankings

Here are the rankings of all possible Teen Patti hands. They are the same as in poker, except that it’s three cards that form the winning hands. These are the same hand rankings as in Three Card Poker.

Mini Royal Flush – Contains Ace, King, and Queen of the same suit. The best possible hand in Teen Patti will also pay out a 5:1 Ante bonus.

Straight Flush – is any three cards of the same suit forming a run. It also pays out a 5:1 Ante bonus. King, Queen and Jack are the highest- while 3, 2, Ace is the lowest-ranked hand.

Three of a Kind – is three cards of the same rank. Aces are ranked highest while 2’s are ranked lowest. You get a 4:1 Ante Bonus.

Straight – Are three cards in a run but not of the same suit. Ace, King and Queen are the highest straight, while the lowest are 3, 2, and Ace.

Flush – is three cards of the same suit. Ace, King, and Jack are the highest-ranked flush and 5, 3, and 2 are the lowest-ranked flush.

One Pair – is a hand that consists of two cards of the same rank. Two Aces are the highest-ranked pair, while two 2’s are the lowest-ranked pair.

High Card – is a three-card hand ordered by the highest valued card. Ace, King and Jack are the best possible High Card hand, while 5, 3, and 2 are the worst.

The Queen-6-4 Strategy

In terms of playing strategy, Queen-6-4 is the dividing line between a hand you should play and a hand you should fold. But what does that mean exactly? What about a 10-10-8 hand?

You would, of course, play a 10-10-8 hand since it includes a pair. The Q-6-4 is the dividing line on card hands that are not a pair, straight, flush, three-of-a-kind or a straight flush.

If your highest card is Jack or lower, with no pairs or better, it’s best to fold. The reason is that the dealer qualifies with a Queen and will automatically beat you if he gets a Q.

If your highest card is Queen, you’re supposed to look at your second-highest card. If it’s five or lower, you fold. If it’s six or higher, you look at the last card. If it’s four or higher, you play. If it’s 2 or 3, you fold.

The reason why Q-6-4 is the cutoff is that if you’d always play Q-6-3, you’d mathematically lose 1.00255 units on average, which is more than 1 unit that you lose when you fold, and if you’d always play Q-6-4, you’d lose 0.993378 on average, which is less than 1 unit, so it makes sense to play the hand.

Are You a Loose or Tight Player?

While the Q-6-4 is a golden rule for playing Teen Patti, you can choose to play tighter or looser than this widely accepted dividing line.

Looser play will want to exploit the fact the dealer must get at least a Queen high to qualify. The dealer has a 23.07% chance to get at least one Queen, King or Ace if you have none, and then there’s also a plethora of pairs, straights, and flushes to be had. They combine to 25.61%, so the overall chance of a dealer qualifying – and beating you unless you have a good hand – is 48.68%.

Take note that playing more hands increases the house edge, up to 7.65% if you’d play every single hand.

Tighter play will only play better hands but will miss the chance to make an easy profit from situations where the dealer doesn’t qualify.

Progressive Betting Strategies

I’ll explain why progressive betting strategies don’t work in card games.

There are roughly 407 million different game outcomes in Teen Patti – nearly half are favourable for you – and each new result is independent of the previous one. It doesn’t make much sense to double up after a loss or a series of losses. You might as well double up after a win!

If Martingale doesn’t work in Roulette, where there are only 37 different outcomes, it won’t work in Teen Patti with 407 million results.

The best course of action is to bet the same amount, be wise with your choice of hands to play, and have fun.

Teen Patti Side Bets

Optionally, the player may choose to place a side bet.

There are two available, Pairs Plus, where the outcome uses the player’s cards. Or 3+3 Bonus, also known as 6 Card Bonus or Mega Bonus, uses the combined players’ and dealers’ cards.

Here are the payouts by different live dealer Teen Patti providers.

Pairs Plus Payouts

EvolutionEzugiPlaytech7 Mojos
Three Aces200:1
Royal Flush100:1200:1100:1
Three 2’s to Kings40:1
Straight Flush40:140:130:140:1
Three of a Kind30:130:130:1

3+3 / 6 Card Bonus / Mega Bonus Payouts

EvolutionEzugiPlaytech7 Mojos
Royal Flush1000:11000:12000:11000:1
Straight Flush200:1200:1500:1200:1
Four of a Kind100:150:1100:1100:1
Full House20:125:125:120:1
Three of a Kind7:15:16:17:1

Ante Bonus

In Teen Patti, you get an Ante Bonus if you get a straight or better hand, regardless of the value of the dealer’s hand. This isn’t a side bet, this is simply a feature of the game that is active all the time.

These are the payouts.

  • Straight Flush or Higher 5:1
  • Three of a Kind 4:1
  • Straight 1:1

Playing Blind

Playing Blind is a term for placing a Play bet before seeing the players’ cards dealt. Regardless of the value of the player’s hand, you will be playing.

Playing Blind is famous in land-based casinos where each player has a hand of their own. If you’re playing blind, the dealer places your cards face down, so you can’t see them. The idea is to build the excitement for you opening your hand after the dealer has revealed his cards.

Playtech is the only supplier to offer this facility. While sounding great, the application is not, as the cards are dealt face up.

Best Strategy for Teen Patti

The best possible strategy for winning Teen Patti is to be conservative with your betting and follow the Q-6-4 rule at the very least.

Tighter play is an option, too, as despite not winning as often when the dealer doesn’t qualify, you will win both the Ante and the Play bet more often when you play a hand.

Don’t use any progressive betting strategies – choose your bet and stick with it. Also, side bets are fun and look like you can win a lot, but they’re called sucker bets for a reason. Don’t be the sucker.

The beauty and fun in this game come from the decision to Play the hand or not. Forget everything else and focus on this.

Evolution Teen Patti

evolution teen patti cards win

Evolution Teen Patti is arguably the best presented of the online Teen Patti games.

Casinos that have the game include LeoVegas and Unibet.

Playtech Teen Patti

playtech teen patti ante bet

Playtech Teen Patti is the most advanced game of all of the suppliers.

You can play the Pairs Plus side bet without making an ANTE bet.

You can also choose to play blind before you have seen your cards.

Regarding side bets, The Mega Bonus has a maximum win of 2000:1.

Bet Victor & Dafabet Casino (Non-UK) have the game, among other Playtech casinos.

Ezugi Teen Patti

Teen Patti

Ezugi were the first supplier to create a live dealer version of Teen Patti. In fact, they have two versions, Teen Patti and Bet on Teen Patti. The betting is slightly different between the two, and I prefer the original Teen Patti.

You can play this game at LeoVegas.

7 Mojos Teen Patti

7mojos teen patti

7 Mojos is a newer live casino provider, so their version of Teen Patti doesn’t have a huge amount of market share.

However, it’s an excellent game and one I enjoyed playing when I reviewed the 7 Mojo Live Casino games.

Teen Patti Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is Teen Patti played?

Live Teen Patti is a card game between two playing positions. The player and dealer both receive three cards. Players bet on whether the player’s hand will form a better three-card poker hand than the dealer. An unlimited number of players can play the hand. Two side bets make the game more interesting, and in some versions, it’s possible to play the side bets without an Ante bet.

What does Teen Patti mean?

Teen Patti means “Three Cards” in Hindi.

Is Teen Patti 3 Card Poker?

Teen Patti plays the same as three-card poker. They are the same game in all but the name.

How many cards are there in Teen Patti?

Teen Patti uses one deck of fifty-two playing cards.

Evolution Live Casino

  • Evolution Teen Patti & Andar Bahar.
  • Big selection of live games.
  • Playtech Teen Patti.
  • Instant Withdrawals.

4 / 5 Stars


Players from United States Not Accepted

Ezugi Teen Patti Casino

  • Best for Mobile Devices.
  • Complete range of Ezugi Live Games.
  • Ezugi Andar Baar and Teen Patti.
  • Lots of Live Casino Providers.

4 / 5 Stars


Up to €300 in Live Casino Welcome Bonus Offers

Terms and Conditions Apply.


  • Dedicated Blackjack & Roulette Tables.
  • Baccarat, Poker, Spin A Win and Dice Games.
  • Ten Patti, Andar Bahar.
  • Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Deal or No Deal, WWTBAM.
  • Fast Payouts.

4 / 5 Stars


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