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bet On Poker



  • Stakes from 1 – 7k.
  • Normal & Speed Versions.
  • Betconstruct Software.

4 / 5 Stars


18+ www.gambleaware.org

Live Bet On Poker is yet another derivation of the popular Texas Holdem card game, but this is different because it’s been adapted so that it can be played and streamed from live casinos.

It is a different game from the popular Live Casino Holdem, which doesn’t have in-play betting.

The difference with Live Bet On Poker is that you’re playing against the “house”, not other players.

Importantly, you have multiple opportunities to bet on the hand you think will win after each hand has received a card.

Normal Texas Holdem rules apply.

Live Bet On Poker Overview

The aim is to make up the best 5-card poker hand from the player’s initial 2 cards and the 5 community cards dealt by the dealer.

The dealer will deal 2 cards to each of the 6 playing positions, followed by the Flop, Turn, and then the River.

In between each deal is a betting round where you can bet on which hand you think will win or what you think the value of the winning hand will be.

The odds for each hand change in real-time as the cards are dealt onto the table.

There are 4 betting rounds:

  • Bet before any cards are dealt.
  • Bet after the players two cards have been dealt.
  • Bet after the flop.
  • Bet after the Turn has been dealt.

You can bet on the player’s position and the value of the winning hand at each betting round.

Your bets for each round are locked in, so your bets in subsequent rounds do not affect your previous bets.

This game suits experienced Texas Holdem players who understand odds and hand probabilities.

I’d recommend Live Casino Hold’em or Ultimate Texas Hold’em as playable alternatives.

Initial Odds

Before any cards being dealt, the following odds are offered:

Player Position5.4 : 1
Royal Flush100 : 1
Straight Flush100 : 1
4 of a Kind80 : 1
Full House8.7 : 1
Flush8.7 : 1
Straight5.7 : 1
3 of a Kind6.8 : 1
Two Pair3.1 : 1
One Pair5.8 : 1
High Card100 : 1

How to play

Live Bet on Poker is played with one deck of 52 cards shuffled by a dealer. Once shuffled, the cards are placed into a dealing shoe.

An unlimited number of players can play and bet on this game.

The bets from each betting round are ring-fenced, which means that past bets have no impact on the ability to make future bets. The player can choose to bet or not to bet on each betting round.

First betting round

Live Bet on Poker

Before any cards are dealt, players are invited to place their initial bets. There are generally three options.

  1. Place a bet on one or more player positions.
  2. Place a bet on what you think the value of the winning hand will be.
  3. Don’t place a bet!

These bets are more about guessing which player position or what hand value will win. No cards are on the table at this stage, so this bet will be a complete guess!

Second betting round

Live bet on Poker

The dealer deals two cards to each player’s position. At this stage, you get to see the hand values of all 6 positions.

The odds for each player’s position will have changed, as will the odds for the value of the winning hands.

The player can place bets on the player’s position and/or the outcome of the winning hand.

This is a more informed bet, as cards are now on the table. At this stage, it’s still difficult to determine what position will win or what the winning hand may be, so the odds are still quite generous.

Third betting round

Live bet on poker

The dealer deals 3 community cards (Flop) in the middle of the table.

All odds are automatically adjusted, and players are invited to place their bets.

Forth betting Round

live bet on poker

The dealer deals a Turn card.

All odds are again adjusted, and players are invited to place their final bets.

The dealer deals the River card

live bet on poker

The dealer deals a River card, completing the 5 community cards on the table. The winning hand and player position is identified, and the winners are paid.

Where to play Live Bet on Poker?

Not many of the live casinos I’ve reviewed offer this game.

So far, I’ve found two live casino software providers, BetConstruct and BetGames, that provide Bet On Poker.

If you’re looking for a casino that offers them, I can suggest Vbet Live Casino (BetConstruct) and Dublinbet.