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Majestic Wheelshow Review, How To Play & Strategy

onair majestic wheelshow

What is Majestic Wheelshow?

The Majestic Wheelshow is the second big wheel gameshow launched by OnAir Entertainment. It’s less complex than many Wheel of Fortune-style games in this niche, which means you won’t find complex bonus rounds or much use of RNG.

The big wheel has 54 segments. 52 are numbered and contain instant prizes, with one number specially selected for every game to receive a boosted payout. The remaining two sections contain Boosters, which, if landed on, increase the payouts for the entire wheel with a multiplier for the following spin.

If I were to describe the game, I’d say it is like Mega Wheel on steroids.

Payouts are capped at 20,000:1, with an RTP of 94.65 to 96.82%.

In this review, I’ll explain how to play, examine the pros and cons, and compare the game with others in the market. If that’s not enough, you can watch my video, where I play a few game rounds and demonstrate one of the strategies I use to play.

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How to Play On Air Majestic Wheelshow?

Majestic Wheelshow is super simple to play.

The wheel has 54 sections. Each section contains a number – 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 25, 20, 35 & 40 or a Booster. The number of sections for each number differs. The payouts reflect the number; for example, Number Five has a payout of 5:1, Number 15 – 15:1 and so on.

The game follows this simple sequence.

  1. Betting Time is when you can place bets on one/many of nine bet spots.
  2. The selection of the Majestic Number with a boosted payout.
  3. The Spin of the Majestic Wheel. If the wheel stops spinning on a Booster section, a random multiplier increases all payouts, and the wheel is spun again.
  4. Result.

majestic wheelshow

Wheel Number Segments

The 54 Segment Majestic Wheel contains the following sections:

  • Number 1 occupies 20 sections on the wheel. The base payout is 1:1.
  • Number 2 has 13 sections. The base payout is 2:1.
  • Number 5 covers six sections. The base payout is 5:1.
  • Number 7 is on four sections. The base payout is 7:1.
  • Number 10 covers three. The base payout is 10:1.
  • Numbers Fifteen and Twenty cover two sections each. The base payouts are 15:1 and 20:1.
  • Numbers 35 and 40 cover one section each. The base payouts are 35:1 and 40:1.
  • The Booster covers two sections, giving all bet spots a random multiplier.

Majestic Wheelshow wheel

How to Bet

There are nine betting positions. Depending on how volatile you want the game to be, you can bet on one, some, or all of them.

There is a useful Bet All button that will place a bet on every spot for the chip value you’ve chosen.

Betting time is about 12 seconds long, so you must be quick in making decisions.

majestic wheelshow betting grid

There is no auto-play – well, not on the version I was playing, and there’s no information in the help file to say there is.

The Majestic Number

The Majestic Number is chosen every game round after Bettng Time has closed.

It’s used to change the payouts of one number on the wheel. The new payout and number are chosen at random by RNG.

Every occurrence of the number receives a new payout. While the board display shows a multiplier, it is, in fact, the new payout; it doesn’t multiply the existing payout.

The new payout can range from as small as 2x up to 1000x.

On Air has not divulged the exact distribution of the payouts for each number, so I can’t report what they are.

Majestic Number

The Booster

When landed on, the Booster Segments boost the payouts on all sections of the wheel by a random multiplier.

When this occurs, the wheel spins again until a result occurs.

If the wheel stops on the Booster for a second time, payouts that are already boosted are boosted again.

You can see how quickly the payout amount increases, especially for the Majestic Numbers, which already have increased payouts. Suddenly, you can get a payout on the wheel of 20,000:1, which is why payouts are capped at this amount.

booster result


The result is determined when the pointer at the top of the wheel comes to a stop on a section. This is the winning section, and all players with an active bet on the section receive a payout.

Payouts & Probabilities

The paytable shows each number’s maximum Majestic Number payout. The multiplier can be any value between the base payout and the maximum.

  • Number one can pay between 1 and 100:1.
  • Number two can pay between 2 and 150:1.
  • Number five can pay between 5 and 200:1.
  • Number seven can pay between 7 and 300:1.
  • Number ten can pay between 1 and 400:1.
  • Number 15 can pay between 2 and  500:1.
  • Number 20 can pay between 5 and 500:1.
  • Number 35 can pay between 7 and 700:1.
  • Number 40 can pay between 7 and 1000:1.

The RTP ranges between 94.65% for the Number 15 bet and 96.82% for the number 20 bet.

Regarding probability, No 1 has the highest chance of winning at 37.03% of the time, with an RTP of 96.08%.

The maximum payout for the game is 20,000:1.

NumberNumber of
of hitting
1201 – 100:196.08%37.03%
2132 – 150:196.81%24.07%
565 – 200:196.66%11.11%
747 – 300:194.68%7.40%
10310 – 400:195.79%5.55%
15215 – 500:194.65%3.70%
20220 – 500:196.82%3.70%
35135 – 700:196.01%1.85%
40140 – 1000:196.64%1.85%

What is the best Betting Strategy for Majestic Wheelshow?

This is a really interesting question. Depending on your goals for the game, you can choose several strategies.

  • A strategy for long play.
  • A strategy for winning.
  • A Strategy for the Big Payouts.

Before I cover the strategies, let’s examine Majestic Wheelshow’s structure and what we can learn from it.

The wheel contains 52 Instant Win segments, with one number receiving a Majestic payout uplift every game. This is an important fact.

Numbers One and Two account for 33 segments, covering 61.11% of the wheel. The remaining numbers 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 35, and 40 cover 19 segments, covering 35.18% of the wheel.

You have twice the chance of hitting the One or Two as you do for any of the other numbers.

The biggest payouts are reserved for the bigger numbers. With the Majestic multiplier, the number Forty could pay up to 1000:1.

The Booster segments can dramatically increase a Number’s payout, especially if the Number is a majestic Number with an increased payout already.

The Booster and Majestic are free ways to increase the payout for the number you’re betting on.

Statistically, the most likely numbers to win are One and Two, and the least likely are Thirty-Five and Forty.

A Strategy For Long Play

This strategy involves keeping your bankroll as long as possible. You aim to pick up regular wins while avoiding expensive losses.

Place a bet on Numbers One, Two, and Twenty. The amount on One should cover the bet amounts on Two and Twenty, and the amount on Two should cover the bet on One and Twenty. We want to ensure your wins on any of the numbers are equal to or greater than your total bet.

This bet relies on these numbers coming in more often than the others and being the Majestic Number now and again. The profits come when you win with a Majestic payout.

A Strategy For Winning

This is the most difficult strategy, as there are no guarantees you’ll win in the long run.

These bets rely on Numbers One and Two not coming in that often during the short term. It’s a tall order, as one of these will win 61% of the time.

Use this strategy in short bursts and place bets on all the numbers except One & Two.

Keep your fingers crossed that you get some majestic numbers, which will put you in Profit. Place two chips on Number Five and one on all the others.

A Strategy For Big Payouts

This is the most volatile betting strategy and concentrates solely on the bigger payouts. By that, I mean Numbers Fifteen to Forty.

Place a chip on Fifteen, Twenty, Thirty-Five and Forty.

Don’t expect these to come in often; don’t make this the only betting strategy you use in this game. In the long term, you’ll lose betting like this, so restrict the number of spins you play this on.

This method will yield bigger wins, but it also involves many losses. Only do this if you have a large bankroll.

Other Tips for Betting

  • Manage your Bankroll by setting win and loss limits.
  • Only bet what you can afford to lose.
  • If you’re chasing losses, stop and play another time.
  • If you’re making a profit, stop and bank it. Come back later if you want to play more.
  • The most likely outcome is losing, so recognise this and bank your profits when you can.
  • Above all, enjoy yourself.

Using The Wheelshow Statistics

The playing interface shows the statistics of past spins. Unfortunately, only the previous twenty-one results are shown. But of those, you can see the winning number and whether the win was a Majestic Number. While past results are not an indicator of what will happen in the future, some players like to use this information to plan their betting strategy.

Video Review

In this video review, watch me explain how to play and demonstrate my betting strategy.

majestic wheelshow video review

Pros & Cons of Playing

There are many reasons why you might want to play, and a few things that could affect your enjoyment. I’ve jotted down a few I’ve found. See if they resonate with you.


  • The game is quick to play
  • No hard decisions are required. You pick a number to bet on.
  • The Majestic Numbers boost payouts, so even the most risk-averse player can benefit from big payouts.
  • The RTP is in the same range as other games in this niche.
  • The gameplay is great on all device types.
  • The minimum bet will suit everyone wanting to play.


  • There is no Autoplay
  • It’s only possible to display the last twenty-one results.
  • The past results are displayed a bit small.
  • The studio is quite dark in colour, which doesn’t create the right mood.
  • Some dealers speak too quickly, making understanding what they are saying difficult.

How Majestic Wheelshow Compares with Other Games

Majestic Wheelshow follows a long line of wheel-of-fortune-type games, from the basic Spin and Win to the very successful Crazy Time.

Games in this genre tend to use multipliers and bonus rounds to increase player’s enjoyment.

On Air has pitched this game at the lower end of the gameshow food chain, taking popular concepts from other games and combining them.

Mega Wheel by Pragmatic is the closest we can compare, as it also chooses a number at the start to have a multiplier. It doesn’t have a subsequent Boost segment, so the Wheelshow is one up there. It also has a better max payout potential of 20,000x, which Spin & Win and Dream Catcher don’t get near.

Other wheel games use additional Bonus Rounds, so I can’t run a comparison against them, as they are not alike.

As games go, Majestic Wheelshow is the pick of the bunch in this very small subset of games like this.

Where Can You Play?

You can play Majestic Wheelshow at any online casino with On Air Entertainment Live Casino games.

My recommendation is Unibet.

For a list of other casinos, click here.

What do I think of Majestic Wheelshow?

I think On Air has been spot-on with the design of this game. They haven’t gone for another all-out gameshow with many bonus rounds; in fact, they have gone in the opposite direction and returned to this genre’s roots.

They’ve taken the best bits from the existing games and produced something that gives multipliers and has a boost option to further enhance payouts. There are plenty of betting options—I’d like to see fewer to improve the playing experience, but you can’t have everything.

The game designers focus on what works, which is why I wonder how they produced Travel Fever, which is not a great game.

Majestic Wheelshow is a sticky game people will keep coming back to play, and I see it competing well with Spin and Win and Mega Wheel, the current leaders in this category.

Well done On Air.