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NetEnt Live Baccarat Review


You’ll find NetEnt Live Baccarat online at selected casinos that feature NetEnt live dealer software.


  • 3 Live Speed Baccarat Tables.
  • Stakes from 1 to 15 k.

4 / 5 Stars



  • NetEnt Speed Baccarat Silver
  • NetEnt Speed Baccarat Gold
  • Mobile and Desktop play.

5 / 5 Stars



  • Great NetEnt Baccarat Selection.
  • Stakes from 1 to 15 k.

4 / 5 Stars



  • Good Selection of Baccarat Tables from NetEnt.
  • Live Casino Promotions.

4 / 5 Stars



  • Cashback on losses.
  • Complete suite of NetEnt Live Games.

4 / 5 Stars


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Introduction to NetEnt Live Baccarat

NetEnt Live Baccarat is the third live casino game to be offered by the Swedish online games developer.

It’s a very late addition to the party but still very welcome, in this very competitive market.

This online live dealer game is offered as NetEnt Speed Baccarat, where all the cards are dealt face up and in quick succession. It’s not a game for the traditional baccarat player who is probably looking for a slower more considered game, where the cards and hands are revealed slowly, following local traditions.

NetEnt Live Baccarat is straight to the point, however, it does come with all of the playing options you’d expect.

There is a good selection of Side Bets and the Road Maps are comprehensive, including at a glance game stats that give you a feel of the table and how the shoe is playing as you take your seat.

In this review, I’ll explain the setup of the tables, and the options you have while play, while also recommending a number of casinos where you’ll be able to try the tables.

If you’d prefer something less wordy, then my Video Review should do the trick.

NetEnt Live Baccarat Video Review

netent live baccarat video

netent live speed baccaratt

NetEnt Live Baccarat – Technical Game Overview

The game is played with 8 shuffled decks of cards that are placed inside a clear perspex dealing shoe.

The shoe is changed when only 1 deck remains.

Optional side bets can be played alongside the main hand bet.

  • Banker/Player Pairs
  • Big/Small
  • Banker/Player Bonus
  • A commission is taken on Banker wins, the payout is 0.95:1.
  • Ties pay 8:1.
  • Cards are burned at the beginning of each new shoe. The value of the first card turned over signifies the number of cards to “burn” or discard from the shoe.

Roadmaps and Game Statistics

NetEnt Live Baccarat has a good selection of road maps, which are used to track the results from each game round. The information from the show is depicted in a number of different road maps, you can choose the one that helps you the most. For me, it’s the bead Plate as that shows the actual results of the shoe.

Also of interest are the statistics, which is another way to represents the outcomes of the game rounds. These are shown in percentages and numbers, rather than symbols, which the road maps use.

All of the statistics and road maps can be switched on or off to suit your playing style.

Netent baccarat road maps and statisticsbaccarat

NetEnt Speed Baccarat Table Choice

NetEnt Speed Baccarat comes with two table choices.

The first is the GreenScreen/Chromakey table. This table is located on its own with a green screen background. The appearance of the table background is fully customisable by the online casinos choosing that option. They can change the background and overlay their logo, giving the impression that the table is theirs.

The other options are two tables in the physical live casino studio. These tables are physically located in the studio, so you’re able to see other tables and dealers in the background. These tables are not customisible by the casinos. You can find them listed in the lobby as Speed Baccarat Silver and Speed Baccarat Gold, denoting which part of the studio they are in.

All tables have exactly the same game and playing options. It’s down to personal preference which you play on.

Chromakey Live Speed Baccarat Table

netent live speed baccaratt

Physical Live Speed Baccarat Tables

Netent Speed baccarat Silver table

NetEnt Speed Baccarat Odds and Pay Table

The payouts on Netent Live Baccarat are the same as you’ll find elsewhere.

Normally the most contentious payout is the one for Ties. These can be as low as 6:1, but Netent pays 8:1 which is standard.

Big and Small pay 1:2 and 3:2 respectively. You might find this expressed differently elsewhere, but they pay the same. The 1:2 for Small is a poor bet in my opinion.

The Bonus bets have some good payouts, but as you’d expect are quite difficult to achieve.

Chech the Roadmaps to see how often natural results are occurring in the shoe and this will give an indication of whether to play them or not.

Return To Player (RTP)

The base Netent Live Baccarat game has an RTP of 98.94%.

  • For the banker, it’s 98.94%.
  • For the player, it’s 98.76%.
  • A Tie has a return of 85.64%.

Side Bet RTPs

  • Banker Pair is 89.64%
  • Player Pair is 89.64%
  • The Big is 93.17
  • The Small is 94.72%
  • Banker Bonus is 90.63%
  • Player Bonus is 97.35%

NetEnt Live Speed Baccarat Payout Table

Main Hands
Side Bets
Player Pair/Banker Pair11:1
Player Bonus/Banker Bonus
Non Natural 930:1
Non Natural 810:1
Non Natural 76:1
Non Natural 64:1
Non Natural 52:1
Non Natural 41:1
Natural Win1:1
Natural TiePush

NetEnt Live Speed Baccarat Summary

I’m somewhat surprised that NetEnt hasn’t created a traditional version of live dealer Baccarat to compliment the Speed version they have gone live with. Going with one version somewhat restricts the type of baccarat players they can attract. Those wanting a more traditional game will probably go elsewhere.

However, that’s just nick picking on my part.

NetEnt Speed Baccarat is a good version of this popular game. The speed is good and the playing interface with all of its options should please everyone.

The side bets are a good mix too. The purists who like Egalite and Super 6 bets will be disappointed, but I haven’t found a supplier that offers everything so no foul there.

The two table types are clever. The customisable version should prove popular with casinos wanting to brand the table.

And to fit two new baccarat tables into the live casino area is to be applauded. I’ve been in the studio and space is certainly at a premium there!

All in all a good, if not overdue addition to NetEnt live dealer games and one that will integrate seamlessly within the existing catalogue of games.