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Evolution Lightning Dragon Tiger Review, How To Play and Strategy Guide

Evolution Lightning Dragon Tiger


Lightning Multipliers have finally found their way to Evolution’s Dragon Tiger, creating a new variant called Lightning Dragon Tiger.

This game plays exactly the same as the original Dragon Tiger. The only visible differences are the new studio and the addition of Lightning Cards, which can boost the payouts of winning hands by between 2x and 8x.

How do they do this while still delivering the same RTP? You pay a 20% lightning fee for your main bet, which is whisked away and never seen again!

In this review, I’ll explain how to play Dragon Tiger, how the Lightning Cards and multipliers work, and whether there’s a strategy for playing. You’ll also see me play some hands in my video review.

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How To Play Lightning Dragon Tiger

Lightning Dragon Tiger is one of the easiest live dealer card games to play online.

The dealer deals two cards onto the table. You must pick which card will have the higher value. If you’re correct, you win; if not, you lose. It’s as simple as that!

The Rules

  1. Eight decks of fifty-two playing cards are shuffled and placed in a clear dealing shoe.
  2. Aces are low, with a value of one. The King is the highest, with a value of Thirteen.
  3. The dealing shoe is replaced when the cutting card is reached, and approximately two decks remain.
  4. There are two playing positions – Dragon and Tiger.
  5. The Dragon always receives the first card.
  6. A 20% Lightning fee of your total bet is taken before each game.
  7. You can bet on Dragon or Tiger and two optional side bet positions, Tie and Suited Tie.
  8.  Half your main bet is returned to you when a Tie occurs between Dragon/Tiger.
  9. A card suit is selected to receive the Lightning Multiplier between 2x and 8x. Winning hands containing the Lightning card suit have their payouts multiplied.
  10. Payouts for a Suited Tie benefit from both multipliers, so two multipliers are applied.
  11. The maximum payout is 1280:1 for a Suited Tie.
  12. The RTP is 96.97%.

Placing Your Bets

The game starts with twelve seconds of betting time.

You have four betting positions where you can place your bets.

  1. Dragon
  2. Tiger
  3. Tie
  4. Suited Tie.

Playing the Tie and Suited Tie is possible without placing a Dragon / Tiger bet.

It’s also possible to bet on Dragon and Tiger, but I don’t recommend this, as most casinos will disqualify wins if you play this way.

Lightning Dragon Tiger Betting Time

The Lightning Card is Picked

When the betting time has closed, one of the four card suits—Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, or Clubs—is chosen to receive a multiplier between 2x and 8x.

Winning hands containing the Lightning card suit have their payouts multiplied by the number.

Lightning Dragon Tiger Lightning Card

The Dealer deals the Cards

The dealer takes two cards from the dealing shoe and places the first one face up on theDragon Position and the second on The Tiger position.

The cards with the higher value wins.

In the event of a Tie, players have half their Dragon/Tiger bet returned.

Lightning Dragon Tiger Cards

Results and Payouts

Lightning Dragon Tiger Result

The standard payouts for Dragon Tiger are Dragon/Tiger 1:1, Tie 6.5:1 and Suited Tie 20:1.

These can be increased by between 2x and 8x. In the case of the Tie, if both cards have the same suit multiplier, both multipliers are used to calculate the total payout. So 20:1 could become 1280:1 with two 8x multipliers!

A standard tie can only have one multiplier; otherwise, it would be a “suited tie”.

The max win for Dragon/Tiger is 8x.

All payouts return the bet amount as well.

Lightning Dragon Tiger Payout Table with RTP

HandPayoutOdds / RTP
Dragon1:1 to 8:196.97%
Tiger1:1 to 8:196.97%
Tie6.5:1 to 52:191.26%
Suited Tie20:1 to 1280:182.93%

Game Statistics and Roadmaps

Lightning Dragon Tiger comes with a set of results statistics and scorecards. They are often referred to as roadmaps and give a pictorial representation of the past results from the current dealing show.

The Bead Road and Big Road scorecards display the actual results. You’ll see each result, with a yellow cell indicating a Tiger win and a Red Cell indicating a Dragon Win. Ties are shown as green cells. Results with a Lightning Multiplier are also highlighted.

Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road scorecards are all derived from the Big Road and display the results in a different format. For a more detailed description, see Baccarat Roadmaps.

Above the scorecards, you’ll see a summary of the shoe’s results, showing the number of hands and the number of Dragon, Tiger, and Tie winners.

The predictor is probably the most exciting function, as it shows what the scorecards will look like if the successive win is a Dragon or a Tiger.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the value of the winning multiplier or the value of the card that won.

Lightning Dragon Tiger scorecards

Lightning Dragon Tiger Comparison

As there are no other Dragon Tiger games using multipliers, all I can show is how the game compares with other Dragon Tigers, both by Evolution and other providers.

The most obvious difference is in the payables, as the lightning version pays less for base Tie and Suited Tie wins.

The other difference is the lack of Side Bets, which most other versions carry.

The decision you need to make is whether you want to play a game that pays up to 8x for a Dragon/Tiger or a game with side bets and Ties paid between 8:1 and 11:1 rather than 6.5:1. It’s a tricky choice, but I know where I’ll be playing!

Bet TypeEvolution
Lightning DT
Dragon / Tiger1:1 – 8:11:11:11:11:11:11:1
Tie6.5:1 – 52:111:111:110:111:18:18:1
Suited Tie20:1 – 1280:150:150:150:1
Dragon / Tiger Small1:11:11:1
Dragon / Tiger Big1:11:11:1
Dragon / Tiger Odd1:11:11:11:1
Dragon / Tiger Even1:11:11:11:1
Dragon / Tiger Heart3:1
Dragon / Tiger Diamond3:1
Dragon / Tiger Spade3:1
Dragon / Tiger Club3:1
Dragon / Tiger Red1:1
Dragon / Tiger Black1:1

Lightning Dragon Tiger Video Review

In this video review, I explain how to play and show you my betting/playing strategy.

Lightning Dragon Tiger video review

Reasons to Play Lightning Dragon Tiger

This isn’t the only version of Dragon Tiger, so why should you play it? I’ve listed a few reasons below.

  1. The Lightning Multipliers boost the bet positions’ payouts by up to 8x.
  2. The Dragon and Tiger Payouts are the same and better with multipliers than all other Dragon Tiger games. If you play this bet, you’d be mad to play anywhere else.
  3. The game is quick.
  4. You don’t need to learn the game. You only need to make one simple choice: which side do you bet on?

Reasons Why You May Want to Play Other Games

  1. There is a cost to play Lightning DT, which is not present in other games. It is 20% of your total bet.
  2. The base payouts for Tie and Suited Tie are less than those for other Dragon Tiger Games, but they get multipliers.
  3. You can play additional side bets on other games, but none are on this version.

Lightning Dragon Tiger Playing Strategy to Win?

This game is truly a coin toss. You don’t know the value of the cards before you place your bet, but if you’ve been recording them, you may know what cards have come out of the dealing shoe. That may help with knowing what cards remain, but you have no idea what value they will be and which side will get them!

The best you can do is use your gut feeling, or as many other players do, follow the trends shown on the Scorecards/Roadmaps.

My Strategy

I tend to follow the trends and keep betting on one position until it loses, and then I double my bet and switch positions.

Every time I lose, I double my bet and switch betting positions. This is known as the Martingale strategy, but I don’t stay in the same position; by switching, I introduce another variable!

This strategy seems to work for me, and I use this on Baccarat, too.

RNG chooses the Lightning Multipliers and the Suits randomly, so there is no way to predict what they will be. Knowing them makes no difference anyway, as you can’t use the information to your advantage.

Is it worth playing the Tie bets?

I would say no, just because the base payout is low, and the maximum is not much better than an ordinary game. However, the Suited tie with its Max payout of 1280x is tempting, but to get a perfect pair, you need some luck.

My Top Strategy Tip

My top tip when you’re playing is to manage your bankroll. Don’t bet more than 1%-5% of your bankroll on any game round. Also, don’t bet more than you can win. I know this sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people bet ten units only to win five. That’s a sure way to lose your money.

Where You Can Play Lightning Dragon Tiger

You can play this game at all online casinos that have Evolution Live Games.

My recommendation is Playojo for a good all-round casino. But if you’re from India, Casino Days is a great option, and everywhere else, I recommend Winz.io.


Lightning Dragon Tiger is a great option if you like simple card games and multipliers. There are no complicated decisions to make, and with the multipliers attached to card suits, you have more chance of catching one when you’re playing.

The studio is stunning, and the animation with the Dragon and Tiger coming to the table is really clever.

It compares well with other versions, and the RTP holds its own, so you’ll get a good return on your playtime. You’re not going to make loads of money on this game, but with the frequency of the multipliers, you should be able to turn your bankroll over many times.

It’s a good addition by Evolution, which completes the Lightning family of games for now.

If this has piqued your interest in Lightning Games, why not try Lightning Roulette, Lightning Baccarat, Lightning Dice, or Lightning Blackjack?